Transformers Cybertron

Season 1 Episode 32


Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Apr 15, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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The true form of planet Cybertron is revealed as the planet sized transformer, Primus. Jolt is used as the device to connect and relay the messages of Primus, who begins to speak of things that have long since passed.

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  • Primus have finally awaken after his eternal sleeping!

    My comment on this revealing episode:

    Since of last week, autobots thought their journey is completed and that people will returned to cyberton and restored to get rid of the black hole for once of all. After their home planet seemingly going off tear apart and they weren’t expect that it’ll tremble down for good. More we learn something about their home planet, vector prime believe that this is too regular for planetary breakups. Leader of autobots agreed and all they learned that it’s their creator who have finally awake after billions of years! This is primus who have awake at last after eternal sleeping!

    Now, since autobots start to take a good look on their creator and couldn’t believe it. As Jolt start to connect the cable to rely the message by primus. Also, I found out that few of the autobots have grew so uncomfortable to be on primus. I don’t blame some autobots who feels uncomfortable to be stand on him. They didn’t know that it was primus who happen to be cyberton planet after all.

    Optimus prime begun to speak to primus as in Jolt. They have so many question that they want to ask him after billions of years of his eternal sleeping! Primus have revealing many thing to us that what we have learned of long time ago. Primus was talking about balance between good and evil.

    Primus reveals to us that red light is good and purple light is evil. Together..they merged it to be one. Lori doesn’t understand that evil have to be in the universe. Of course, primus have explain to us that there’s one missing cyber key. Three cyber keys have been went to another planet. One cyber key is in earth and second cyber key is in Jungle planet and third cyber key is in speed planet.

    But, there’s one small problem. The final cyber key..were missing and been disappearing and primus explain to us that they were in wormhole. Why? They were in another universe and autobots and those children finally begin to understand why.

    That’s explain a lot since megatron and starscream have failed their attempts to find the four cyber key in the another planet. Also, primus have finally told us that it’s happen to be the planet gigantion to be known as planet giant! Autobots were so stunned to learned that four cyber key is in planet gigantion! Vector prime realize that minicons happen to be their home planet after all!

    All of the autobots have their eyes stared at Jolt. As Jolt landed their feet on the metal ground and pulled the cable off his chest or whatever. He have no idea why they’re all stared at him in the first place.

    Back to their headquarter, They were discussing about minicons, they were trying to figure it out how they end up to be with those autobots after all. So, this autobot was so ready to test him and it has make Jolt very scary like cat! Before they do this on him..they have so many question about their home planet, what their home planet was like. Jolt revealing to us that there’s two types of transformers..that some of them are small. Some of them are bigger. Also, Jolt reveal to us that few transformers are very, very way bigger than them.

    As one of the autobot start to have the test on him. It has make Jolt moved a lot, because it make him laugh or something, I believe so. Finally, more revealing, we have learned that Jolt is more human than transformer! In the fact, Jolt’s brain is very human, vector prime starts to understand. It explain why Jolt and another minicons were so much related to those children.

    Scourge was very upset that the mighty Optimus prime have defeated megatron by using three cyber keys and vector prime’s sword to overcome armour of the unicorn. In the end, megatron have died. Scourge take Megatron’s place as commander, turns out it didn’t went well. It has force Scourge to fight against his best soldiers, he was so easily beaten them all. Thunderblast, I think that’s her name. She decides to left them alone to beat the each other.

    Now, starscream have awake since of the bitter defeat. He want to know so many thing since of his bitter defeat of all. His friend was so willing to tell him what’s going on and they have left together in their new hiding out and went head toward to planet cyberton as prime.

    Starscream have learned that primus have awaken and he couldn’t wait to take out against him. It has alarmed autobots very seriously and went fight against starscream, Vector prime vows not to permit starscream to bring the harm to primus. Starscream laugh and didn’t care of what Vector Prime told him to. Starscream decide to start fight against autobots.

    Optimus Prime got hurt little bad. Wing saber told him that it’s time to link up and together, they merged it to be Optimus Primus wing saber mode. As he draw the two twin sword and ready to fight against starscream. Nothing much work against him. At that time, Scourge show up and fight Optimus Prime for the revenge after he defeated megatron.

    Starscream went straight for cyber keys. Finally, primus have awake and didn’t speak at first. He block his attack and hit him off the distant. It have left starscream so much impressed and accept the tough challenge, but he really hate the challenge after all. Primus start to show off his big guns and shoot at him.

    Also, Crumplezone got killed by scrapmetal, but will return in darkness as ghost. As thunderblast start to realize that it was megatron who have return as ghost. But those children find themselves in a very stick situation after mincons have been captured and they refused to let him to get away. In the end, those children went to their new hiding and have no idea where they are!

    To be continue!! Find out the next time in the near future! This episode deserve to be five thumbs up and my score for this..very over rated! It’s 1000.0! haha! I strongly suggest for everyone to watch this episode! It’s best one yet to come!moreless

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