Transformers Cybertron

Season 1 Episode 27


Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Mar 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Just as all hope is lost, the light of Primus shines down on the fallen Autobot warriors (Scattershot, Red Alert, and Hot Shot) and resurrects them.

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  • Awesome!!! Totally Awesome!!!

    Man, oh, man. When Hot Shot, Red Alert and Scattorshot was revived and upgradec into brand-spanking new and inproved vehicles, they show Megatron and Scourge what they really made of. Hot Shot blasted Megatron with his new missile barrage. Scattorshot show Scourge a thing or two when he blast him with his new twin laser-blast cannons. And Red Alert finsh the job when he used his giant hyper-blast cannon. This episode is so awesome. I give it a 10.0 because

    it's so intense, unbelieveable, shocking, and, did I say so awesome. I want to watch it over and over again.moreless
  • RedAlert, Hotshot, and Scattershot were severly damaged during the last battle against Megatron. The three Autobots were deeply discouraged that they just wanted to give up. But, Coby and the kids remained persistant towards the Autobots during recoverymoreless

    I thought this episode was special because I pictured myself as if I was actually with Coby and the kids. In fact, I would made sure that none of the AutoBots gave up on recovery, especially my fav AutoBot Scattershot. In the end, RedAlert, HotShot, and Scattershot received awesome vehicle upgrades that complemented that dramatic recovery. Near the end of the episode, those AutoBots sure did kick some tail towards Megatron and his crew. All in all, this episode deserves a place in Transformers history.moreless
  • Totally Awesome!

    Thsi episode was awesome! It was emotional as Scattershot & Red Alert kept saying we're done, there is no hope and such. Plus the reactions by Coby & the others. The best part is that Hot Shot, Red Alert, & Scattershot have new forms! Those new forms kick some serious butt in battle!

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    • Starscream: What's this? (Groans) What's going on? I didn't order this to happen. Stop!
      Sideways: Uh-oh! Surprises are always bad news.

    • Thunderblast: It's getting stuffy in here from all the hot air, and I'm NOT talking about the volcano!

    • Megatron: What a joke. You may look different, but you're the same fools I defeated before!
      Scourge: And now we get to defeat you again!
      Hot Shot: Guess again. Say hello to the new and improved me!

    • Scourge: Whoever you are, you're going wish you'd never come here.
      (Hot Shot, Scattorshot and Red Alert transform)
      Hot Shot: Actually, Scourge, that's gonna be your wish. You have no idea what you're up against, but you'll find out soon enough, and you're gonna find out the hard way!!
      Red Alert: We owe you some payback Megatron. No I take that back. We owe you a lot of payback. You're going to get what's coming to you, and then some!
      Scattorshot: You think that you can come after my friends and me, and get away with it? You've got another thing coming, and a few punches and missles to boot! Pack your bags, and get ready to say goodbye!

    • Landmine: (To Mudflap) if you're gonna run with Megatron, you'd better get used to takin' a beating!

    • Megatron: What? Hmph. So you haven't had enough of a beating yet. This will be your last stand.
      Optimus Prime: Enough Megatron. The universe is going to crumble around us while we waste time blasting and beating each other. There's to much at stake to keep our forces occupied with pointless battling.
      Megatron: The universe isn't big enough for both of us.

    • Hot Shot: Did ya miss us? come on, you know you did!

    • Ransack: (To Snarl) Nice doggy!

    • Optimus: (To Scourge) Enough, dragon-breath!

    • Optimus: I'll make sure Megatron pays a hefty price for what he's done to our friends!
      Leobreaker: Count me in on that action!

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