Transformers Cybertron

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Aug 27, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Overhaul and Megatron try to convince inhabitants of the Jungle Planet of their 'good' intentions, while the Autobots investigate the appearance of a new Atlantean symbol.

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  • Great action split across two planets - Earth and Jungle Planet.

    After a lackluster performance with earlier episodes, Cybertron appears to be turning around, into an interesting an enjoyable series.

    Despite an *AARGH* moment where human kids teach swimming strokes to the Autobots, we have plenty of action set on Earth with the discovery and launch of the buried Atlantis spacecraft.

    Meanwhile, on the Jungle Planet, Scourge and Megatron sound each other out in mock battle. Megatron appears smarter, and more patient, than ever before. He could best Scourge, but chooses instead to negociate. Maybe the psycho Megatron of Energon is gone?moreless
  • Good episode; would have been better without a notable "ugh" moment.

    The Autobots go to the Bermuda Triangle to investigate the appearance of another Atlantis seal, while Megatron and Overhaul forge alliances on the Jungle Planet.

    All in all, this was a fairly interesting episode to watch. Along with a fairly unique twist on the Atlantis myth, we learn more about the inhabitants of Jungle Planet.

    Scourge continues to develop well. While his official techspecs suggest he deplores any precieved weakness, he's obviously still very cautious about his "alliance" with Megatron. He knows Megatron is concealing something and is bidding his time. Time will only tell if he decides to pull a "Starscream" and make a grab for the power of Primus.

    We're introduced to Backstop in this episode, a Rhino Transformer who apparently saved Overhaul from his predicament in the last episode. His attitude is that of a pacifist, not a new idea in Transformers lore. His suspicion of Overhaul's intentions are excellent, as is his surprise at Overhaul's transformation. This is precisely the reaction a beast Transformer might have should he encounter a vehicle 'bot for the first time. Snarl's personality is also expanded here, and like Scourge and Backstop, he is also suspicious. His statements about Overhaul are perfect, as are Overhaul's reactions.

    We are treated to our first underwater battle in Cybertron here. While this is not new in the Transformers history - indeed, several 'bots and 'cons had the forms of ships and sea animals - the Autobots' inexperience with this environment is a new take. In fact, when one thinks about it, it's should almost be expected. As Scattorshot states, there was no water - at least no large body of it - on Cybertron, so why would the Autobots know what to do? And as ridiculous as it sounds, Bud's teaching the Autobots how to swim makes some sense. I do still have some issues with this, but more on that in a minute. It was also nice to see that not all of the weapons operated underwater. To often in sci-fi, lasers have the magic ability to fire under water. They still do here, but are so refracted that they're essentially useless. That's not to say that the bot's are totally weaponless, as Landmine demonstrates against Thundercracker quite effectively. Ouch!

    There were some problems with the episode I had. As some have pointed out, Overhaul seems almost totally forgotten in this episode. It's as if the Autobots thought to themselves "We've lost Overhaul on Jungle Planet, oh well, let's go find that Omega Lock." That's not behavior typical of Autobots. In addition, Overhaul's revelation that he is a Cybertronian seems contradictory to the instructions that Optimus gave Hot Shot and Red Alert before they left for Velocitron. Of course, how to you explain to a robotic rhino your origins when you're so obviously not from around them parts?

    The "learning to swim" scene also raised an eyebrow. While it makes sense on one hand, it still seems rather 'naff to have the Autobots compeletely clueless about how to handle this environment. I mean, there are civilians Autobots spread all over the planet, surely some of them are EXPLORING and STUDYING the planet. After all, the "good bots" in Transformers have historically been scientists and explorers. Optimus' comment about being "sunk" was particularly bad,and Scattershot expressed my views perfectly. The other problem with this is that if the Autobots weren't sure about their new environment, then the Decepticons should have been absolutely LOST. Yet we see Megatron, Starscream, and Thundercracker all moving about like nothing's amiss. Given that the Autobots had a little more experience by the time the Decepticons show up, they should have STOMPED the 'cons, at least until everyone was forced to the surface.

    The writers also seem to essentially make Megatron this extremely powerful and almost unbeatable character. He dispatches the Autobots and Scourge with ease, and while this is understandable with characters like Scattorshot, at the very least 'bots like Scourge and Optimus should at least give Megs a run for his money. This is especially true of Scourge, whose abilities and powers have yet to be revealed. Then again, Megatron does abort his fight with Scourge. I had this problem in Energon as well, especially when Megatron stomps Scorponok with ease when he first awakens. Even with the "armor of Unicron" at his command, Megatron shouldn't be this unbeatable, IMHO.

    Even with its flaws, "Deep" is still a watchable and engaging episode. Now, if we can get back to Velocitron, and if we can see Scourge give Megs a run for his energon. :Dmoreless

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