Transformers Cybertron

Season 1 Episode 36


Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Sep 08, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Coby try's to tell his parents that bud has been captured but will the adults believe him. But will the transformer's let coby and Lori go with them to the other side of the universe.

    The scene opens with Coby explains that Wingsaber is trying to find bud on board the Atlantis. Wingsaber reports in he does not have enough Energon to go any further and he goes back to base. We see vector prime explains about going through the warp gate and red alert saying Lori is nutty enough in a funny odd way. We see Coby explain to his brig bro about what has happened and ask for some advice.

    Optimus and his team fight the Scrap metals and we see land mine helping mud flap. Lori and Coby are trying to think of ways out but will optimus agree to let them come. As coby tries to tell his parents about the transformers and what is happing landmine spies on the kids and tell's optimus the kids want six feet to transform to show that they aren't lying.

    Optimus and vector prime appear and promise to get bud back and the kids go off with them. I liked this episode as it shows what family really means. Coby try's to get his family to understand saying that family has to stick together and that's what this episode means .
  • Nothing happens, it's the perfect episode if you need an extra 20 minutes of sleep. BORING

    This is easily the worst episode yet, it has no Decepticons, about four minutes of the Autobots, a couple of scrapmetal drones get blown up ,Optimus Prime, Vector Prime and Landmine transform and the rest of the episode is all about the annoying kids. Literally the whole episode is about them and their parents, just when the series was getting better this episode comes along, If you are going to skip an episode this is easily the one to miss, I gave this episode a one but even that seems a little bit high to me, honestly it doesn’t deserve that much.

    Oh and Mud Flap rejoins the Autobots but that takes about 30 seconds.