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    so, my first Transformers RPG. Please, don't call me n00b.

    It's 400 stellar cycles since Transformers Animated ( sorry, didn't want to join that one over in those forums ). Oh, god I can't think of a plot. Um, let's see... aha! Ok, so, there is a mysterious group of Transformers on Earth. Their motive is unknown, but they apparently aren't good. Your job is to create a Transformer, Decepticon or Autobot, to help destroy these strange Transformers. That's right, Decepticons and Autobots are TEAMING UP!!!!

    just like this...

    Name: Rebound

    Alliance: (Autobots, Decepticons, or Mini-Cons) Autobots

    Bio: (Optional)

    Vehicle Form: Green and black corvette

    Stats: (Optional)

    Have fun and be creative!

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