Transformers Cybertron

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 13, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • prof. suziki is let in on the secret of the autobots , scatteshot gets frozen, all in all, a great episode , but not really vital to the rest of the series!

    it was a good episode . i particulaly liked it when bud came out with " ya hear that ? we're looking for the earth's belly button " i thought that was so cute . the only thing i didn't really like about this epsode was that there was hardly any transformers , but oh well, yu can't have everything , because what it laked in transformers , it made up for with emotion and humor . a great installment . i was confused by the end, though, the autobotswent to the north pole to find something, but they left without doing anything.
  • Bud, Lori, and Coby go to the North Pole when they run into Pro. Suzuki. Pro. Suzuki was about to investigate a 'hole' at the North Pole. Then, Lori and Bud tells Pro. Suzuki about the AutoBots and Decepticons. Finally, Pro. Suzuki meets Scattershot.

    I really liked this episode because it had some humor and emotion. In fact, I liked when Bud said that he and the others were 'looking for the Earth's bellybutton'. hahahahhahahaa Oh, I really liked when Pro. Suzuki shook pinkies with Scattershot 'cause it made me smile. You know, this episode ought to be considered a series classic because you can see quite a bit of humor and emotion as well as action. All in all, I give this episode a thumbs up!
  • I didn\\\'t like this episode, it was mostly about humans and almost no transformers.

    This episode had almost no real importance of the Cybertron series. Okay, it had some, but it was mostly useless. The only part I liked was the part where Optimus and Vector Prime, and Leobreaker go tto Jungle Planet and were ambushed by Crumplezone and Ransack. Then Optimus Prime and Leobreaker combine into savage claw mode, and they take them both down with almost no effort. The rest was on Earth where the humans and other Autobots investigated the North Pole. The humans meet Professor Sazuki and Coby doesn\\\'t really trust her, and eventually he does and they tell her about the Transformers. Then they\\\'re attacked by Starsrceam and Mudflap, and Scattorshot is getting beatin\\\' up by Mudflap. Then the humans and minicons use Mudflap\\\'s gun that he dropped to shoot a distress signal to the other Autobots and Mudflap and Starscream retreat. This episode wasn\\\'t good at all.
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