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  • Disappointing....

    This is a very big disappointing for transformer fans, well this show was quite stale and boring, the animation and visuals are also boring. Ok, lets talk about the plot. The plot is all about those kids who curiously saw the crater, but then it was a colored colored which the robot is dead.

    Ok, Ok, OK im serious this show really stinks because why the kid are hand-drawn and the robots are CGI I really hate when a thing is hand-drawn and the another thing is made of CGI. Remember this is a big disappointing for transformers.

    I recommended you should watch the transformers from the 80's, the 2007 transformers movie and the revenge of the fallen movie too.
  • I believe this was one of the better series that hasbro has made(or whoever made this). Love the Hot Shot Override interaction. ^_^

    Aww come on, give it a chance i mean the creators can oly have so many ideas and this, i think, was a very good one. Although not as good as armada I think it is slimly behide the armada series. I'll admit some episodes were a snore to watch but most of them were exciting. I enjoyed the ones were a few characters had their own personal stories, like Hot shot my fav. Swear to god him and override should become and item. ^_^ Many autobots went through changes that made them better in the long run. (except hot shot who should have stayed in his fast model, his new heavier modle makes me made) But other than those little items, an overall good series.
  • I gaved it a decent chance

    At first I didn't like cybertron beacause it making G4 going Down Hill, but it was good in a childish sort of why, I wonder why Cartoon Network is re-running it Fuse or IFC would make waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better networks to rerun a G4 series yet I can honestly say I have a rating system for show that are good yet corny at first

    VA-5.9 Cody's Voice sound corny
    AM-7.0 decent yet a transformer's mouth is werid once the move it
    SD-6.0 They replay the them when they tranfsom

    overall-B yet it not my favorite but it good show coundn't the re-run the show on Fuse of IFC instead of CN?
  • I gave it a chance.

    so far it seem corny but so ditive so it should go in an earier time on [Adult Swim] or put back on g4 beacause of Baby Looney Tunes, Bleach, & My Gym Parter's A Monkey because something so dictive should not be in a network full of Crap [Exsept Camp Lazlo, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Family Guy, Harvey Birdman: Atterny at Law, Ful Matal Alcment, Bobobo-Bobo-Bobobo, & even Naruto]

    bottom line move it or loose it

    The first time I saw this cartoon was Asult, and I had no idea what I what I was getting myself into - I had never seen the whole episode of this show before.

    I'm not a big corny-joke person, but my cable company had it on their shows that you could pick from and watch... I found this cartoon under comedy, and cried I was laughing so hard... It's comedy is very subtle and a lot of it's humor is in its timing. This was one of the aditvie things I have seen in a very long time.

    I will definitely seek out more episodes. And it's just as funny the second or third time that you see it.

    The show itself is very primitive cartoon figures with quirky personalities, with story lines that make you go "huh? Did he just do what I think he did?" and laughing your butt off. I really think it's just one of those things you have to see for yourself - and if you have a dry sense of humor, you'll really like it. It's probably a love it or hate it type of cartoon.
  • It is tiyiyiyiteeeeeeeeeee.

    In my opinion , the only good transformers serise was Energon and Cybertron . This show is cool . Its underappreciated just because in the past it was a little kids show with bad graphics . But this one is awsome . I used to not like this show , but now it is pretty good . I give this show a good 9 out of 10 . So as the Autobots try to get the cyber planet keys , so are the decepticons . The evil decepticons will not give up , so the good autobots will take them down .
  • My good god, what have they done!! this looks terrible!!

    I am a HUGE!!! fan of the Transformers, Gen-1 and RID being my fav series of the show, Oh and beast wars!, but i hadnt seen the new Cybertron series yet, and realised it was on TV when i put it on so i got ready for it to start, and i was in absolute shock as soon as i saw and heard the theme music!! what the hell!!!, it is hte worst tranfomers theme music i have EVER heard, i have the Transfomers Takara dvd boxed sts and the theme music on those are even better and i dont understand it as its in japanese! and thats saying something, as the Takara theme music isnt even very good either!

    Well i got approximatly 6 minutes into the episode, and i must say i only got 6 mins in because the episode was centered around Starscream, and it was just plain terrible, this is definatly one Transformers dvd collection i will NOT be purhasing for my collection!

    It just looks ugly, i thought te new series of transformers would start to look better as the years go by, specially with new technology and animation styles, but it was horrible, and thats putting it lightly, for one thing, the anime characters (Humans) are all in 2D animation, like the old school episodes, which dont look half bad, but then all of the robots are in a 3D CG style, and are just dumped ontop of the 2d backgrounds, so nothing interacts properly, and even the robots look like a kid done them on 3D Studio Max!

    I am not impressed with this at all, just hope they get their act together when they release a new series! Bring back the RID series i say, that was awesome! i'm not letting this effect me as a transformers fan, as i will ALWAYS love the transformers, and still will buy merchandise, comics, dvd's, action figures e.t.c. but i think i will definatly give the Cybertron DVD's a miss, only way i would buy them was if they were in a bargain bin for no-more than £2.00! =)

    Hopefully this is the first and last time i will ever rate something transformers so low, just hope im not back on here fpor the same reason when the new movie comes out! but that on the other hand does look awesome!
  • Transformers cybertron is cool.

    Transformers cybertron is a O.K. show, I like the show, but I hate getting up at 4.00am to watch it. It probably was the little kidiest series of transformers, Armada and energon were great, but cybertron was kinda didy. It was ok this time, but not to great. They're all the same anymore, I mean come on It's been 22 years of transformers, They're probably out of Ideas for the show. Oh well this show was cool with O.K. Action. The comedy Is kinda lame. It's nothing compared to Naruto in anything. this show Is going down hill fast, But I'll give it a 8.5.
  • It is a graet show and I love it.

    It is a great show and it will be great when out on dvd. I have seen it all the transformers shows ever shown. I been a fan for a couple of years and hope to see the Transformers movie this year in 2007. I hope everything will be great for the transformers saga. also I hope there will be a new show for each year. It made a huge impact on my life it gives me something to look forward to every day. I really hope this show is raked number one.
  • Robots that transform fight eachother for cyber planet keys that can control the universe.

    transformers are classic toys, and names should stay the same!
    hotrod was origanaly rodius galvotron was origanaly megatron
    another thing is that there shouldn't be some sort of "save the galaxy" plot. transformers should be like superheros,saving the world not the universe! there should be no primus or unicron. robots are warriors not gods. there should be no humans. robots that turn in to cars and destroy buildings... they can handle it. there is too much emotion in trying to save the universe in this show. another thing is that there are some transformers that are waaaaaaaaay too small,or waaaaaaaaaaaaay too big.
    i think this show screws up transformers farter than anything has been screwed.
  • Unicron defeated, The Decepticons mostly dead or in hiding, the Autobots now face a new threat a black hole.

    As galaxy Force it was a whole new continuity, as Cybertron it was shoe horned into being a sequal to Energon though it could have easily been a replacement sequal to Armada.
    I really enjoyed Cybertron alot complaints regarding Energon had been listened to and action was taken to ensure Cybertron was better, for example the characters had more personality, there was some funny exchanges and the return of a comedic duo.
    And once more it followed classic G1 plots and exapnded on them, the lost Autobot colonies and Starscream gaining a power that makes him go super size was clearly inspired by the Underbase Saga.
  • While it's a pretty decent cartoon, it's still the worst Transformers series of all.

    I really liked Armada and Energon but, since I watched it when it premiered on Toonami, there's a lot different about this one.
    First the bad. The supporting characters, namely Colby, Bud, Jolt, and Megatron's underlings are probably the most annoying characters I've ever seen. Bud takes the cake! Now I don't get annoyed by animated kids too easily but these guys, particularly Bud (just die already!) are beyond that, both in voice and dialogue. Another thing is the art in which they gave Optimus Prime a mouth, Sideways doesn't look or act very menacing anymore (unlike in Armada), the CGI gets out of place sometimes, all that stuff. The battle sequences also could do with some work. Also, the way they tell it, if you miss one episode, you'll easily get lost like in Energon; not to mention they really watered down the Transformers for a younger age which usually doesn't work.
    Of course, these are still in some way, the Transformers we love and the battle sequences and art are still pretty decent. I also like the voice overs, mainly for Scurge, Optimus, Megatron, and a few others. The character interactions really drive this show and are good but they shouldn't place that much emphasis on the kids of course.
    All in all, a pretty good show but sometimes not worth getting up at 6:30 in the morning for.
  • I loved Transformers Armada & Energon but Cybertron does not make the cut this time around. I suggest everyone reads the comics by Devils Due and IDW for a fantastic transformers experience!

    Let's start off with this shall we? Storyline, pretty good, except for the return of Megatron all the time, and what is this based off of? Generation 1 or Energon? Things I dislike about three of the latest in the past years, Armada/Energon/Cybertron, what is with Megatron turning into Galvatron yet only doning a different color? Honestly could use some work. The english dialog doesn't even really match at all what so ever. The children are brats and play major parts in the show, how could they breath on Cybertron anyway? So many questions, but there will never be answers. Please Hasbro bring us a transforms series worth watching! Generation 1 and Beast Wars were the best of the rest!
  • Long time fan!!!!

    First of all I want to say sorry if the spelling is messed up, Always had a problen with it since i started school in 1979. I have had the pleasure of watching the transformers since it started airing in the 80's. The first searies is the best of course, because its the original. eventually giving birth to the fallowing searieses. I have been collecting for a while having every episode of the original. all but season 3 of beast wars, all of beast machines. however i have been hunting for energon and cybertron episodes. Both of wich ihave only a few episodes. I am hopeing go get a good ranking, level, whatever. I enjoy the show so much i want to shair my collection.
  • In a day and age where Japan is allowed to butcher popular American cartoon franchises, it's nice to see that they actually put a little effort into this one.

    When the show was announced I rolled my eyes, I watched a few fansubbed episodes of it's Japanese counterpart and was unimpressed, it was another child heavy cartoon, but I decided to give the dub a chance, it was very shaky at first, but quickly got better as the show progressed, while it suffers from the usual anime failings like recycled transform footage, unnecessary comic relief, too much dialog during fights, etc. They really tried to reach us 20 somethings who grew up on the original Transformers Cartoon and Comic Books, The hybrid animation style of mixing 3D Transformers with 2D everything else looks much better then it did in Energon, Even though there were annoying kids in the show, they actually served a purpose this time, and they grew and matured by the end of the series, This series also brought back Soundwave, that alone is worth some points, another great part of the show is Galvatron and Optimus' big face off, they went so far as to use lines from Transformers the Movie, that was a nice touch.

    So despite it's flaws Cyberton was a good effort, not the best, but it's far better then all the other Transformers cartoons Japan has cranked out.
  • Great Show with Great Action

    This shows is great! It is a nice add on to Energon and I love the plot of this series. The designs are cool and the battles have great action. At first I didn't see it from the beginning but still loved it. Now after seeing it from episode one the show makes more sense and I love it even more. The only character design I don't like is Optimus, I like his design but his mouth makes his face look dumb. Overall, this is a great show and is has a nice easy to follow plot which makes it great.
  • This show has cool realistic cartoon animation and a great story, but the show just seems to drag way too much...

    This show has cool realistic cartoon animation and a great story, but the show just seems to drag way too much. I wish they would move on with the story faster rather than drag the story just so they can make more episodes. I gets really, really boring after awhile. The three kids in this show kind of ruin it as well. The fact that they do that \"cyber key power\" move get old FAST! They use it way too much. The transformers themselves are cool and the voices are cool, too. But I think the bad things of this show out-weigh the good things. You may or may not like this show. Give this show a try.
  • Okay, this show first sucked... a lot, but now, it's getting better and better.

    Transformers Cybertron the new Transformers series is about how the destruction of Unicron has created a massive black hole that will destroy the universe unless the Autobots can find and retrieve the 4 Cyber Planet keys and the Omega Lock and restore Primus his power so he can stop the black hole. But the Decepticons seek the keys and the Omega Lock for their own evil deeds. At first I didn't like this show but I still kept watching hoping that it will get better. And you know what? It did! The episodes I think have improved alot since the beginning. The problems I first encountered were that I thought it was a horrible continuing of Energon because I heard it's supposed to be 10 years after Energon but it doesn't look like it, that the kids are sometimes annoying, especially Bud and Lori. Because Bud jokes too much, and Lori gets jealous when someone does something she didn't get to do. And last but not least, that it kinda, well tries a bit too hard to be "funny." Anyway, those problems still bother me, but with better episodes, they don't bug me too much anymore.
  • Optimus Prime and the Autobots are back and fighting the evil Megatron and his legions of the Decepticons.

    This series is just as good as Armada and Energon but this time the heroes are in 3-D. The title does match of what is going on in the show. The acting is good but sometimes it can be fruity. The actions are good and characters that best plays its role is good too. The opening theme is okay I would've changed it a little. What I don't like about this show is that there aren't a lot of Transformers. I wish they could have added the Transformers from the previous shows. Although we do get to see new Transformers especially the Beast Transformers just like Beast Wars.
  • I wish the Transformers were back to being hand-drawn. That's where the animation and all the action got good.

    Hate, hate, hate, hate. Ever since Japan took over for Marvel, the animation grew slummingly and I just can't find any more excitement in the series unlike the 80's Transformers. I hate the franchise now, and the robots' complexity have seem to have increased so much. Now they are pitting visuals instead of good dialogue and whatnot. So many shows have done such a procedure, and I'm really, really disappointed that Transformers was one of them.

    The only Transformers I'll be watching from now on is the Movie, which was released somewhere in 1986.
  • Aptimus Prime is back with an all new crew and this time, they are searching for the Cyber Planet Keys before the Decepticons can get them. For all Transformers fans.

    This is definitely a great show for all the Transformers fans out there. It is well plotted and has a good themesong along with nice music to go along with the action. The animation is better than ever and there is more surprises just wwaiting around the corner. This is a Transfomers series fans will rave about.
  • Transformers Cybertron has to be the most exciting time in any transformer fans life as the show gets better with every episode many twists as the universe can be destroyed by not only the black hole created by the destruction of unicron but also by Megat

    I will admit the show started off a bit lame with some imposter right in the first episode doing megatrons voice, rather poorly I might add. Then the first few episodes are just to introduce the charachters to the viewers which was cool, but then you are treated to like 10-15 episodes of speed planet which kinda lost me. The writers needed to spend less time on these stupid race scenes as everytime I tuned in I was watching a speed planet race and had me thinking I was watching the same episode over and over again. (kinda reminded me of the Star Wars Episode 1 pod races that seemed to go on for hours!) Then the story really seems to pick up as the speed cyber key is finally won and override joins the team, meanwhile we are introduced to jungle planet and scourge who is the leader of the planet (and one killer looking charachter and toy as well) and its inhabitants. Great story here with some epic battles with the twist of overhaul changing into leobreaker who can combine with optimus prime. One thing that really gets me about that is that prime goes on and on about being soo shocked that leobreaker combined with him and told vector prime he had never heard of two bots combining before. I mean he must have forgotten about overload and jetfire from Armada powerlinking with him or in Energon where he combined with prime force omega supreme and wing saber, must have slipped his mind or someone spiked his energon. another gripe of mine is that seemingly the only voice overs that are returning are that of Megatron, starscream prime and I also reckognize the voice of thundercracker as belonging to bulkhead in energon. Hot shot has a new voice and jetfire and red alert are either English or Austrailian now by their new accents much like the theme music of the show having the same accents. My last critiscism of the show is that of the constant recycling of names that dont make sense since Armada, Energon, and Cybertron are all linked together. Energon takes place 10 years after armada and after unicron is destroyed in energon the black hole is created sparking the cybertron story. Some quick exzmples are Dirt boss (skyboom shield minicon in armada/racer on speed planet in Cybertron) crumplezone (minicon from armada/ racer on speed planet-cybertron) Just doesnt make sense. Or how about Differences in personas like wing saber for example in energon he was an honerable warrior who took orders from optimus without question, in cybertron he is introduced as a insuboordinate who has a reputation for disobeying orders and was reported to have attacked optimus prime on an occasion. Two completely different personalities in the same story/trilogy.
    Okay sorry for the tangent back to the positive and the story. The earth planet key is discovered and Starscream has taken his first steps to overthrowing megatron and becoming leader of the decepticons. This is where the story ends as far as the episodes that ive seen but the story is definately juicy enough to see it through to the end especially now that the transformers will definately travel to Giant planet to find the fourth and final key from metroplex and unleash the true power of cybertron and of primus. I can't wait till the climax of the show and the releases of the rest of the toys in the product line which are every bit as good as the show.
  • The war between Autobots & Decepticons have been rages on. After the Energon Series, the destruction of Unicron, the Chaos-Bringer have created the Black Hole which destroy everything its path even the universe. The search of these four ancient Cyber Plan

    The war between Autobots & Decepticons have been rages on. After the Energon Series, the destruction of Unicron, the Chaos-Bringer have created the Black Hole which destroy everything its path even the universe. The search of these four ancient Cyber Planet Keys that contains the power to close the blackhole.
  • The auobots must beat the clock to find the cyber planet keys before Megatron and his decepticons crew try to get those keys.

    Those autobots have to save cybertron and a they need to stop a blackhole that will destroy the world and the decpticons and they have cyber power keys and allies like Override,Snarl and my fav Evac and so does the decepticons Sideways, Scourge and Nemieses Baker ( clone of Leobreaker. Hurry Optimus hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Things that are good and bad...

    Personally, I think that they need to do some old-school things...yes its great that they used the original theme song words...but it only half resembles the original...I think that if they just had somebody sing it the old way it would grab alot more viewers.

    Also the following things have to go
    1) the multiple accents
    2) the CGI/animation melding: its ok...but it can be to corny at times

    What can stay:
    1) the one-liners that the characters have

    What needs to be revised:
    1) the cutscenes: they are too long...shows that they dont have that much imagination
    What NEEDS to come back:
    1) the original theme
    2) the transforming sound
    3) the large number of transformers seen in the original ones
    4) the various types of transformers
  • The Autobots are back, and they're going neck to neck against the Decepticons to find powerful objects as usual...only this time they need Cyber Planet Keys, the separation of the essence of Primus, the most powerful transformer ever.

    I have always been fascinated by the Transformers franchise. The idea that robots from a highly advanced society can turn into modern day objects or better yet, animals, still piques my interest. One other thing I like about this series is that it always has something happening or something being uncovered. Big or small, I always look forward to the secrets that the Autobots discover about their society and culture. The only thing I don't like is the sappy dialogue in the "lesson-learning" portions. Still, the quality and the show itself amazes me.
  • Since the transfer to Kids WB, things make sense...

    Well, TF-C is looking better and I hope it stays that way. I'm so glad our prayers for Cybertron were answered...YES! I knew something would make Cybertron better! Since it moved to the WB and the first episodes were played, I'm getting this! I like Cybertron now and it is kicking ass! It took awhile, but I DO know what is going on.

    Second of all, nothing is hotter than Starscream successfully defying Megatron (*drool*). Third of all, the kids are actually helping and they aren't annoying!

    Well, TF-C is looking better and I hope it stays that way. I'm so glad our prayers for Cybertron were answered...

    The best thing is how Starscream is WINNING for once! Love it!
  • A very good show, it has a good subject and the cyber planet keys are awesome!

    A very good show in my opinion, they also designed the characters good, especially with the cyber planet keys. My favorite character is Hot Shot!!! Also Optimus Prime's SperModes is good and his Savage Claw mode with Leobreaker is wonderfully powerful!!! I recommend watching this show since it is very good!
  • The latest Transformers follow up to Armada and Energon and it's looking good.

    I must say that Transformers on Cartoon Network/WB in the 52 episode series format wasn't looking too good until this series came along. Armada was a lot of crap, Energon was reasonably better, but still weak, but this one seems to have everything in order. 26 episodes in as of this review and I'm really looking forward to the next ones. The CGI looks fantastic, the humorous moments seem to come in frequently, and the characters are well developed. Those are characteristics that haven't been present all at once since the Beast Wars and Beast Machines era. I hope after the next 26 I can say the same things I have allready and then some.
  • I love it i love it i love it! Its new its improved but wait kids theres more! It shows more of what the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting for and a little more into some of the Transformers Histroy which is good.

    The voices are amazing along with the animeation which is prefect for its time. 21 years it has been going and this is the best ever besides Armada and Energon. I say good work for them all and hope it goes on for another 21 years more. HOORAY FOR TRANSFORMERS
  • This is a discrase.

    This show is absolutly the worst show known to transformers history beacouse thay dont follow the tradition of the original transformers and the second season with hotrod as leader after Optimus died he asumed command of the autobots at least that had a story to it all though it highly adictive.
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