Transformers Cybertron

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Aug 20, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • An improvement over the past episodes.

    Surprising to say, since Cybertron's rough start, the series continues to improve with each new episode. "Search" is proof of this; whether this is evidence that Hasbro has been listening to fans or the show's crew is debatable.

    The highlight of the series was the debut of Jungle Planet and three of its inhabitants, Undermine, Snarl, and most impressive of all, Scourge. It was a good touch to see Megatron and Starscream react with uncertainty at the transformations of Scourge and company, and while it would have been nice to see a battle sequence between the beasts and Decepticons, it was good for the writers to have Megatron be a little cautious. He is an unfamiliar environment facing Transformers whose abilities are unknown; it's only natural for him to proceed slowly and not simply blast away.

    Scourge also proves to be an interesting character; he is portrayed as much more intelligent and less brutish than, say, Crumplezone and Ransack. He also seems more perceptive than anyone - including Megatron - seemed to realize. One can only presume that he'll cause trouble for Megatron and the ambitious Starscream in the future.

    One may wonder why the Autobots always seem to be reacting to Megatron's attempts to find the Cyber-keys, but if one watches the episodes, you get a sense of Prime's strategy; if the Autobots can get the Omega Lock before the Decepticons, it won't matter how many Cyber-Keys Megs gets.

    One of the complaints about the Transformers series - not including BW & BM - has been how much the humans in those series have so easily twisted the arms of the Autobots. This doesn't seem to be the case here; while Optimus acknowledges the kids' usefulness, he refuses to bend to their insistance that they come along on all their missions. This is definately a step-up from the relatively easy capitulation that previous Primes have done in past series.

    The CGI is still not up to snuff here, with the characters speaking as if merely flapping their mouths. It's at it's best with Scourge's transformation to his dragon mode, which I think many agree bears some similarities to BW Megs' TransMetal II form, especially in the head. Though I may be mistaken, it sounds like Scott McNeil has returned, as Snarl's voice sounded remarkably similar to BW Dinobot's, perhaps a foreshadowing to the character's role in future episodes.