Transformers Cybertron

Season 1 Episode 37


Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Sep 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Primus tries to use his spark energy to stop the black hole but Starscream interferes by throwing himself into Primus's spark energy, this causes him to grow to planet size. He then decides to take on Primus.

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  • Starscream try's to get Primus's spark and bud helps the Autobots by marking a trail like bread crumbs. the autobots try to help Primus's and stop the black hole. But with time running out can the autobot's save there world and the universe.moreless

    The scene opens with star scream talking about the giant planet it then switches to bud making a trail of bread crumbs for the autobots to find them. As the scene changes to primis and the black hole optimus and his team are trying to help. Jet fire and wingsaber have gone looking for bud they find the bread crumbs and go off to Atlantis. When jet fire and Wingsaber arrive they get fired upon but megaton has followed them so we have a big battle ahead as jetfire searches for bud.

    As jet fire find's out where bud is Atlantis begins to warp they follow. Soundwave from the original transformers makes an appearance, offering to show megatron the way to the giant planet. The scene changes jet fire lets optimus know what has happened,they try to reenergize primus.But star scream feels the spark and decides to go get it as the ship warps back starscream jumps into the spark beam And becomes the size of a planet. Coby run's out to try and get to the Atlantis but optimus stops him. As the power is divert to primis for him to fight Starscream as they wake up primis we see him have his own cyber key and using the cybertron moons as his weapons we see a big fight as starscream gets beaten by his own creator. We see the Atlantis warp and coby shouts out upset optimus is not happy but vector prime announces good news about the gate to the giant planet. Ending on a cliff hanger The episode is funny witty and has a lot of fun but coby trys to save his brother we see how primis defeated unicron a long time ago.moreless

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