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Transformers Energon

Season 1 Episode 2

Energon Stars

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Feb 07, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Energon Stars
Alexis arrives at Ocean City. Kicker is in his spacesuit and hears the announcement about a meeting. Alexis announces to everyone in the settlement about the Terrorcons' attack and are shown a clip of a defeated Tidal Wave. She says that the Autobots are not allowed to attack other Transformers unless they pose a threat. She says that the humans will have to evacuate the Cybertron mining settlements on Earth. Kicker starts to get on Alexis' nerves about the evacuation plan until Optimus Prime grabs him. He says that Kicker will stay with Optimus since he can detect Energon and gives Ironhide orders to watch over him.

Up at Lunar City, Cyclonus is on alert looking out for Terrorcons until the Terrorcons attack.

Kicker is talking to his friend Mischa over a communicating device and she says that she's at her spot too in Desert City. Ironhide says that he wants a chance to prove himself to Optimus Prime so that he could get the Spark of Combination. Kicker and Ironhide get into a fight.

News of the attack on Lunar City reaches Optimus Prime and he send Jetfire and Kicker to the moon to help out. Jetfire with Kicker in the cockpit are shooting a group of Divebombs until they start transforming into their robot forms and throw their boomerangs at them.

Before Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, and Ironhide head to the moon, Skyblast and Strongarm give them Energon Stars that'll wear off during the battle.

Jetfire is still dodging the boomerangs until Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, and Ironhide appear. They fight the Terrorcons on the surface while Ironhide heads down below. As Optimus Prime and Hot Shot battle the Terrorcons, Ironhide heads below and reaches where a group of Battle Ravages were digging it up. The Energon Stars wear down as Kicker goes to find Ironhide after getting out of Jetfire. He finds Ironhide and warns him not to touch the fallen Battle Ravage, but he gets knocked out from the effect of it. As Battle Ravages prepare to attack Kicker and Ironhide, Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, and Jetfire appear and the Battle Ravages run with Jetfire behind them. He sees the Divebombs leaving through a warpgate with the Battle Ravages in their feet and the Energon in their possession.

As the Autobots get back, Kicker and Ironhide get into another argument after Optimus Prime forces Kicker to help Ironhide get over what happened at Lunar City. Demolisher asks if they were able to find Cyclonus, but the Autobots didn't get a chance to.

Meanwhile, the Battle Ravages deposit the Energon to Alpha Q. He says that Optimus Prime will meet his match as Scorponok awakens.
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  • A Hero is born

    We see a young rookie autobot who only just joined the team trying to improve himself by showing Optimus Prime what he's made of. His name? Ironhide. Young and a bit rash he always trys his best. I know you dont really want to hear this from a rookie like myself but i figured since we are allowed to tell other people what we think i'd open my mind. I like his attitude and his confidence. He's always trying to do his best to protect his teammates and Earth. Thats what I call a Hero so people like Superman can step aside theres a new bot on the block!

    This was written by me. I am 14 and shows like Transformers give me a reason to live since humans have let me down. Thank You for reading this.moreless
Kirby Morrow

Kirby Morrow


Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Jetfire, Strongarm Unit, Omega Supreme

Ron Halder

Ron Halder

Dr. Jones, Primus, Padlock

Mark Acheson

Mark Acheson


Ellen Kennedy

Ellen Kennedy


Garry Chalk

Garry Chalk

Optimus Prime

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