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best series

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    [1]Jul 12, 2007
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    there are about 50 different transformers series so which one deserves the energon title?
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    [2]Aug 12, 2007
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    Probably beastwars--I heard that one was a hit, though I never was able to watch it. I like Energon better than all the others, personally, even more than Armada (and that's saying something!). The new one--Transformers Cybertron--seems really dumbed down, kid-size. I mean, it has an awesome plotline, it has great ideas and a VERY fluent action course (more than you could say for Energon, at least, with all the characters acting pretty bipolar for the entire seiries...) but it's just too "I'm good you're evil let's battle. I'll win 'cause I'm good and stuff." it gets a bit... boring after a while.
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