Transformers Energon

Season 1 Episode 13

Kicker Beware

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Jun 30, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Kicker Beware
The episode starts with Megatron thinking about the Energon Towers that have so far blocked his attempts of getting Energon. Demolisher and Cyclonus are watching him and discussing about the situation. Cyclonus laughs at this fact and several cables pick him and Demolisher up and hold them in front of an angry Megatron. Cyclonus tries to make it up to Megatron by suggesting they go to Mars for Energon like Scorponok. Angry at this Megatron pins the Decepticon to the wall as Starscream shows up pointing his sword at Cyclonus's neck.

Demolisher quickly tries to make up to Megatron, thinking the Decepticon leader asks Demolisher who found the Energon. Demolisher hesitates at first and says it is that kid who travels with them after Starscream shows up with a sword to his neck. Megatron takes in this information and prepares an plan. Scorponok shows up saying that the Battle Ravage captured in the previous episode has been located on the moon. Megatron surprised by the news that the Autobots are on the moon seeing as Lunar city was destroyed in an earlier attack believes more Energon as been found. Megatron prepares his forces to the moon with no Energon tower they can attack.

Meanwhile in Unicorn's head, Alpha Q thinks about Kicker, how he can sense Energon when all of a sudden his head starts to twist. all three heads start to wonder what is happening as the 4th head of Alpha Q is shown. The 4th head who is much calmer then the other 3 asks Scorponok to allow him to speak to Kicker.

Meanwhile at the moon Kicker and Ironhide scout the remains of Lunar City, arguing about how anything could still be here. Meanwhile Optimus and the Omnicons who are using the Command Battle Ravage to scout for Energon. They discuss how even Signal Flare's radar is not as sensitive as Kickers.

Kicker arrives and takes the Command Ravage to hunt for whatever it is he sensed on the moon. Taking Ironhide and an Omnicon with with him they let the Terrorcon go and follow it. Kicker thinks to himself about how something is following him but he doesn't know what. All of a sudden Demolisher appears, walking calmly up to them he clams to be fleeing Megatron and asks Kicker to come with him so he can show him proof Ironhide calls him an lying traitor. However the Battle Ravage runs off and meets up with an approaching Terrorcon force. Demolisher curses the fact that the Terrorcon ran off before he could get Kicker.

The Terrorcons quickly surround Kicker, Ironhide calls Optimus saying that Kicker was the target after all, Optimus prepares to leave when he is attacked by the Decepticons. Optimus fires the Helicopter on his arm before opening fire on the Decpeticons. Optimus calls for help and before long Jetfire, Inferno and Hot Shot are on there way.

Meanwhile on an mountain not to far from Kicker or the Terrorcons, Rodimus, Prowl and Landmine watch and wonder whenever to get involved. Rodimus claims that it is Optimus duty to get involved not there's. How Cybertron was entrusted to him as Autobot leader. Ironhide opens fire on the Decepticons but Kicker agrees to go with Demolisher claiming all he had to do was ask. Demolisher takes him to one of the Decepticon bases. Scorponok is ordered not to give Kicker to Megatron and so opens fire on Demolisher and then on Megatron and Optimus to two forces stop fighting each other and start to fight the base.

However shaking stops this as Lunar City rises from the ashes hiding underground after the events of the previous episodes. This also causes the Energon tower to appear and activate forcing the Decepticons to retreat. Scorponok wonders if this is the end when Meegatron shows up demanding to know why Scorponok attacked them.

Back where Kicker is, one of the Battle Ravages starts to talk in a different voice, calling himself Alpha Q he asks Kicker not to get involved any longer, because he wishes to recover the world that was lost to him. Before any more information could be recovered the Battle Ravage is destroyed in the Energon Tower's ballistic wave. Optimus's helicopter arrives and picks up Kicker. After the attack Demolisher pulls himself out of the rubble, Ironhide asks him if he is leaving again. Before he can answer Cyclonus picks him up. Ironhide watches him leaves and says it would be great if he re-joined the Autobots.

Kicker watches from above when Cyclonus appears charging towards him, Demolisher makes one last chance to get Kicker him when several shots hit Cyclonus causing him to retreat. Kicker wonders where they came from as Rodimus puts his weapon away.

Back at Unicron, Cyclonus begs Megatron to repair him, this being the final straw Megatron claims he will fix him once and for all, several cables run round Cyclonus and slam him into the wall as he glows yellow he screams as he is reformatted into Snowcat and shortly passes out. Megatron deems his plan a failure but Scorponok's actions were interesting, about dropping the mobile base onto the Autobots base, of course Scorponok didn't mean to drop the base onto him, he merely didn't know he was there. Megatron claims that one base isn't enough, and plans his next move

Back on Earth, Dr. Jones celebrates the fact his Energon Tower Grid is complete, and the Earth is now safe from attack. Kicker and Mischa describe the events on the moon and wonder who saved him and also what Alpha Q meant when he spoke to Kicker. For now he hopes one day he will find out what those words meant.moreless

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Kirby Morrow

Kirby Morrow


Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Jetfire, Strongarm Unit, Omega Supreme

David Kaye

David Kaye

Megatron/Galvatron, Unicron

Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson

Signal Flare Unit, Starscream

Ron Halder

Ron Halder

Dr. Jones, Primus, Padlock

Paul Dobson

Paul Dobson

Rodimus, Superion Maximus

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