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  • Horrible Addition To The Transformers

    This has to be the worst addition to the transformers universe. It is pure unadulterated anime garbage. horrible animation, terrible voices and kindergarten writing. In my opinion this show should never even be considered a part of the Transformers Universe.
  • really gets what transformers is all about.

    A rebellious teen, Kicker, is caught in the middle of the war between the decepticons and Autobots while he attempts to save his home... earth. along side him is the clueless newbie; Ironhide, who knows nothing or near nothing about humans and their world. Together they make an extremely odd pair.

    All Transformer shows (that I've watched) have been placed on earth at some point of the show. I beleive that Transformers is actually not about the fighting... even though that IS cool... but actually about the relationship between humans and transformers. Otherwise, we could just be watching metal bots beat eachother up on a battle field. Which is perfectly fine (I'd watch it!) but then why have humans at all?

    It isn't absolutely perfect, it's got some minor flaws, such as Ironhide--why name the 'newbie' of the series that, when Ironhide is typically reserved for a bot who's even older than Optimus? Ironhide's and Kicker's interaction though is great; they both each each other important lessons and are truly 'partners', not useless like some humans are in some of the series. The show also does get into a bit of a rut at the very beginning; terrorcons attack, autobots defend, decepticons get energon. But later on in the series, the show dares to make bolder moves and explore the Post-war cybertron and the themes of teamwork and rebirth.

    And of course, the battles are AWESOME. The animation is superb... much better than the armada season (for humans, at least). the storyline does kind of get into a rut in the beginning, but it works its way out of it. The show focuses alot on Kicker and themes of the real life, which is why I favor it so much more than the new Cybertron. It's really got depth. I highly recommend this: it's an excellent show... It really does belong on my 'Favorites' list.

  • needs more respect

    Ya' know a alot of shows need more respect energon is one of them. When ever a transformer show has sequel and trys to be deep fans whine and complain about it and i can't stand it when people hate something thats perfectly fine. It has goten so bad how can people be that close minded the character are old (g1) and new one like the Omicons. I am so saden by the fact that so many people who get mad and hate so easyly like this one sequel beast machines i like because i'm deep others don't just because it was diffrent
  • One of the best spin-offs!

    Man, this is a good spin off, and they did better with the animation. There are also less goofs than before, Armada had tones of them!!! It is also a good plot, another scavenger hunt, Energon. The finale is good, and it is great that Demolisher and Cyclones (Now Snowcat) can to their senses and became good guys at the end. They are two of my favorite! I hope that there will be more spin offs? Anyway, what the heck happened to Billy and the other guy? Are they any were? But i love everyone's new looks. I give 10/10
  • Energon, the primary fuel of the Transformers has become high priority on Cybertron after the Unicron battles. With the help of their human allies, the Autobots have established energon mining operations.

    I enjoyed energon during the first few episodes but I feel it could have better had the dubbing been handled after the whole show was complete. Theres times it is incomprehensible, sometimes a character will contradict himself in the same sentence, other times the lines are changed for the worse, Alpha Qs line about conquering the universe in Beware Kicker springs to mind, originally he said to restore what he lost.
    In all fairness though, the VAs for Alpha Q, kicker and human characters did a good job as did the guys doing the Decepticons.
  • In between Armada and Cybertron, this had a good run!

    After a great Armada series, I must admit, I was really looking forward to this. Right away, I knew this was nowhere near Armada. 10 years in the future, no kids (until later), different art, and lots more Transformers to know. It takes you some time to catch up with it but after that, it's all good. Of course, it's easy to get lost in this show because if you miss an episode, you'll be left a bit confused. I also did get confused about Alpha Q's character at first and near the end--I didn't like his VA, so that threw me off at times too. Kicker was pretty cool for a human lead character in the Transformer universe and the action and adventures were pretty good. They did a good job of nailing the Autobots down pretty well and it did get pretty exciting. They also made sure that you knew Megatron/Galvatron is a hardcore villain, especially near the kick-ass end this show provided (who else would want to resurrect Unicron and try to use him?) That final showdown with Unicron and Optimus was pretty awesome!
    While I still prefer Armada, this one is definitely 10 times better than the Cybertron series!
  • I think that this show was awesome, I didn't see too much, but what I did see made it great. And I think more people should watch it.

    This show is actually much better than people think, they only hate it because they compare it with G1 too much. If you don't compare it with G1, than it will be good. G1 was the best transformers series made so far, so it's pretty hard to make something better. But at least they made a show better than Armada, and I wish that more people would watch thisshow, if they watch it at least as much as me, they will like it. They don't give the show a chance at all. Of Cybertron, Armada, and Energon, my favorite is Energon.
  • the return of my hero.

    One episode was the return of my hero and guess who that is......ITS STARSCREAM! Yes its starscream who is my hero he comes back thanks to alpha Q. But he has no memorys and no one knows weather or not he got his memorys back the seires ended before he got his memorys back and if he did have his memorys he would not have attempted to kill optimus prime. He would also refuse to help revive unicron and would not be a suck-up. Starscreams my hero because he is heroic and willing to die for is own cause. thats why I look up to starsceam.
  • Really realy good

    First of all I want to say sorry if the spelling is messed up, Always had a problen with it since i started school in 1979. I have had the pleasure of watching the transformers since it started airing in the 80's. The first searies is the best of course, because its the original. eventually giving birth to the fallowing searieses. I have been collecting for a while having every episode of the original. all but season 3 of beast wars, all of beast machines. however i have been hunting for energon and cybertron episodes. Both of wich ihave only a few episodes. I am hopeing go get a good ranking, level, whatever. I enjoy the show so much i want to shair my collection.
  • Transformers continued

    We'll Energon is the best of the new series so far until Transformers Cybertron comes out but this sequal to Armda was out of it way the nest its like the rebith of G1 series, Armda was kind of annoying escpsily with the kids shouting out stuff like "We've got to stop the fighting,!" or something like taht they need to now that you half to fight if they where going to free the minicons, Oh sorry, Any Energon rules and there might not be another series to top it
  • Wow...

    Transformers: Energon has got to be one of my personal favorites. I did really like the Transformers movie but that wasn't Energon, so I'll skip that. I like all the Transformers series, but Energon was the all time greatest, in my opinion. My friends always make fun of my love of transformers, but I don't care...It's so great. They'll laugh at me, because on (the computer game) The Sims, I'll always name my people after transformers. I think it's funny. Some of the people, like my mom for instance, thinks I'ts immature, but I think Transformers is a very mature
  • transformers is good episode have covered hearts of millions of children .its full shows of inter relation between machines and humans it ALSO HAS Many good punch dialoge a its is fascinating for everyone ilike it very much and even

    transformers is good episode have covered hearts of millions of children .its full shows of inter relation between machines and humans
    it ALSO HAS Many good punch dialoge a
    its is fascinating for everyone ilike it very much
    and even it slike by many hearts
    this are good for creating imagination
  • Great show but no one knew about it.

    It was really a step up! The graphics were real clean the blend of both genre was a trend setter. The stoyline was real slick. My only problem with this show was the lack of promotion and the AWFUL schedule. What it was like at 6am? There were plenty of reruns on toonami to be replaced by it. There was also no promotion too. I hope they make a better job with Cybertron.
  • -

    Transformers Energon is one of the best transformers series I have seen in a long time the animation is a lot better than the other series it has more action and more battles. The characters have improved a lot since Transformers Armada (as they do follow on from one another). The effects behind them when they transformers is a bit of a down poor as it could have been different for each team.
  • Interesting but not the best

    I say even RID is better, even beast machines, G1, G2, and Beast Wars are the only good transformers series.The good part of this show, some form of the quintessons return except, it only has 4 heads, and is a spirit of a dead girl. Unicron was only good in armada, its rediculou how they kept bring unicron back after he was turned into the black orb and went inside Galvatron, thats when I started to hate the series, otherwise every thing before this was great. Including the return of starscream, my favorite character, but his memory was erased, also when Demolisher returned his memory was supposed to be erased like in superlink but it wasnt.
  • Was a very good show

    It was not as good as the original series but it was still very good. Except for the Ironhide and kicker characters the show really kept me interested. I wish the show could have explained the omnibots better as they kinda confused me. optimus was ok but he combined with other transfomers too much. Looking forward to Transformers Cybertron.
  • i gave it 4 only to be fair. it deserves 0.5.

    all right, let's role.
    generally this show is a disaster. as i wrote it deserves 0.5 but since it has Optimus Prime and Megatron (Galvatron!? or something) i give it 4. Animation is lousy, original Transformers have better animation. It's bad mixture of drawn and 3d animation. The should've chosen one of them not both.
    Anyway original Transformers have more interesting story and more cool characters than this one as Bumblebee (my personal favourite alongside Optimus as a kid).
  • Not as bad as everyone says it is.

    Everyone badmouths Energon. But it's not as bad as everyone says. While it may be mediocre compared to it's Japanese counterpart Superlink, it's a huge improvement over the terrible Armada, which was bad enough to be compared to the Star TV Dub of Headmasters, You Understand?:P It's got good characters, a good story, great voice acting (Although Matt "Ed" Hill was a bad choice for Ironhide) and cool bad guys, along with cool figures, and an awesome extra episode which is pure gold. I think the reason most people don't like Energon is because they try to compare it to G1, but what I think some fans need to realise is that nothing will ever be as good as G1 was in it's Prime. (No pun intended) So if you don't compare it to G1, it's a good series, but otherwise, yes, it is a little mediocre. But it's a good series which I think too many people unfairly write off.