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Cartoon Network (ended 2005)


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  • really gets what transformers is all about.

    A rebellious teen, Kicker, is caught in the middle of the war between the decepticons and Autobots while he attempts to save his home... earth. along side him is the clueless newbie; Ironhide, who knows nothing or near nothing about humans and their world. Together they make an extremely odd pair.

    All Transformer shows (that I've watched) have been placed on earth at some point of the show. I beleive that Transformers is actually not about the fighting... even though that IS cool... but actually about the relationship between humans and transformers. Otherwise, we could just be watching metal bots beat eachother up on a battle field. Which is perfectly fine (I'd watch it!) but then why have humans at all?

    It isn't absolutely perfect, it's got some minor flaws, such as Ironhide--why name the 'newbie' of the series that, when Ironhide is typically reserved for a bot who's even older than Optimus? Ironhide's and Kicker's interaction though is great; they both each each other important lessons and are truly 'partners', not useless like some humans are in some of the series. The show also does get into a bit of a rut at the very beginning; terrorcons attack, autobots defend, decepticons get energon. But later on in the series, the show dares to make bolder moves and explore the Post-war cybertron and the themes of teamwork and rebirth.

    And of course, the battles are AWESOME. The animation is superb... much better than the armada season (for humans, at least). the storyline does kind of get into a rut in the beginning, but it works its way out of it. The show focuses alot on Kicker and themes of the real life, which is why I favor it so much more than the new Cybertron. It's really got depth. I highly recommend this: it's an excellent show... It really does belong on my 'Favorites' list.