Transformers Energon

Season 1 Episode 26

Ripped Up Space

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Sep 04, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Ripped Up Space
Limping to join with the rest of the Autobots, Optimus Prime was confronted by Shockblast, who planned to take out Optimus Prime so as to prove that he is more superior than Megatron, only to be stopped by Mirage and Starscream.

Wing Saber arrived in time to aid Optimus Prime, with the new combination spark awarded from Primus, Optimus Prime and Wing Saber combined to become Wing Optimus, who quickly defeat the Decepticons and went after Megatron.

Wing Optimus joined up with Rodimus and gang, realizing they should be united against Megatron. Rodimus willingly submit himself under the command of Optimus Prime, ending the bitterness between the 2 of them after many millenniums. As Team Rodimus is now under Team Optimus, Optimus Prime instructed everyone with orders and continue to go after Megatron based on the direction provided by Scorponok and Ironhide.

Scorponok and Ironhide were the first to arrive at where Megatron is. However, Megatron easily defeated them and even "destroyed" Scorponok!!

As energy continue to gather by Alpha Q in order to initiate his homeworld creation, Megatron tries to absorb that energy by integrating himself into Unicron.

Realizing if Unicron awakes now, everything would be lost, Alpha Q decides to detonate the energy pool so they can stop Megatron. As both massive energy collided, it creates a rupture in space, sucking everything into the lighted unknown!!

As the rupture continues to suck everything in, including Demolisher and Snowcat. The Autobots tried to pull themselves out of the rupture. However, Landmine was caught in a debris and was hurled into the rupture. Trying to save him, Hot Shot and Prowl powerlink and went after him, into the rupture.

As Scorponok's body was been sucked into the rupture along with the gathered energy, devastated, Alpha-Q decides to move into the rupture too in order not to lose the energy (and perhaps to go after Scorponok).

Inside Unicron, Wing Optimus and group finally confronted Megatron, who was backed by Starscream and Mirage.

As Wing Optimus and Megatron prepare to go on a one to one duel, it was interrupted by Shockblasts's entrance and comical exit....also into the rupture.

Losing interest in Optimus Prime, Megatron said he will rule unchallenged on the other side of the rupture, fearing nothing he sped towards the rupture, with Starscream and Mirage following faithfully.

Taunting Optimus Prime that if he wants to defeat him, he has to go into the rupture to get him. Although they made it out of Unicron before it was too been sucked into the rupture, Optimus Prime was determined to pursue Megatron into the unknown.

Knowing Optimus Prime, Rodimus and others assured they will join him in the pursue. Even though eager to go, Ironhide reluctantly remain behind to report all this to Primus, as ordered by Optimus Prime.

With that, Team Optimus sped into the rupture. Kicker yelled at Ironhide to carry his order and made the report quickly so they can move in to join Optimus Prime too. Just then, the Omnicons led by Arcee joined them and together, they too make their way into the unknown.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

Kirby Morrow

Kirby Morrow


Brad Swaile

Brad Swaile


Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Jetfire, Strongarm Unit, Omega Supreme

David Kaye

David Kaye

Megatron/Galvatron, Unicron

Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson

Signal Flare Unit, Starscream

Ron Halder

Ron Halder

Dr. Jones, Primus, Padlock

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