Transformers Energon

Season 1 Episode 5

The New Cybertron City

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Feb 28, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The New Cybertron City
Kicker has a dream of Energon being spotted in the mountains and wakes up the next morning. He finds the exact match of the mountains on-line.

On Cybertron, Dr. Jones and Rad send the parts of Super Optimus to Optimus Prime after they were repaired. Inferno tells Optimus Prime that an Energon reconnaissance team is in the mountains

Minutes later, while Kicker and Grindor are out searching, Hot Shot, Ironhide, and Demolisher help Strongarm with the equipment to help them find the Energon. Ironhide goes into a fight with Demolisher about if Demolisher switched sides.

The Terrorcons deposit their latest Energon onto the wrecked Unicron. Tidal Wave and Cyclonus see Megatron deactivated on the wall. Alpha Q gives orders to Scorponok, Cyclonus, and Tidal Wave to gather more Energon to revive Megatron and restore Unicron.

Back at Ocean City, Optimus Prime tells Jetfire not to bring up why they sent Demolisher with Hot Shot, Ironhide, and Strongarm.

Back at the mountain, Kicker notices the fog coming in and Hot Shot contacts Kicker to return to camp right before Kicker and Grindor fall into a ravine.

Hot Shot notices that Kicker hasn't return and sends Demolisher with Ironhide to find him while Strongarm watches over the camp.

In the ravine, Kicker has a dream about his past when he and his family had to stop on a planet to find Energon before returning to Earth. When in their excavating machine, Kicker senses the Energon and they dig for the Energon with the help of the Omnicons. When a sandstorm hit, he stood near his father.

Kicker wakes up and finds out he's trapped. He and Grindor try many escapes from the ravine until Hot Shot contacts him and Kicker tells Hot Shot where he is. Hot Shot tells Strongarm to help Kicker. Kicker senses Energon in the ravine.

Cyclonus and Tidal Wave arrive with the Terrorcons and they start attacking. Cyclonus' shot causes an avalanche burying Hot Shot and sending some snow into the ravine. Strongarm finds the ravine and uses a machine with attachable poles on them. Kicker uses the snow to escape right after Cyclonus and Tidal Wave noticed Strongarm.

In the nick of time, Optimus Prime arrives with Inferno and tells everyone to fall back. The Battle Ravages start digging for the Energon.

Dr. Jones and Rad send a new Cybertron development to the location with the help of Jetfire. The arrival of the development crushes some of the Divebombs and Battle Ravages. The Autobots, Strongarm, Demolisher, and Kicker see the new Cybertron City called Blizzard City.

Just then, Scorponok arrives with reinforcements and tells Cyclonus and Tidal Wave to get the Energon. The city's cannons attack the Divebombs and we see Skyblast and Signal Flare on the base. This attack caused the Decepticons and surviving Terrorcons to retreat. Demolisher wonders that if Megatron is alive, why hasn't he come for him. Kicker is glad that his father is helping out, even though he's not with them.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

Kirby Morrow

Kirby Morrow


Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Jetfire, Strongarm Unit, Omega Supreme

Ron Halder

Ron Halder

Dr. Jones, Primus, Padlock

Ellen Kennedy

Ellen Kennedy


Garry Chalk

Garry Chalk

Optimus Prime

Brent Miller

Brent Miller

Hot Shot

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