Transformers Prime Beast Hunters

Season 2 Episode 52

Darkest Hour

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Nov 02, 2012 on The Hub

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  • Hardcore ending for this season

    The final four episodes of this season is a blast. Starscream has gotten all four omega keys and brings them to Megatron. It looked like Knock Out was going to be in that wall for a long time or until Nemesis is destroyed, but Megatron needs him to connect Starscream and himself to see if Starscream is worthy of joining back with the Decepticons or to die. Megatron decided to have Starscream back and with that Starscream now has his new T-cog in his body so he can transform again. The Autobots now on Cybertron and fought the Decepticons to get the omega keys back. With the Autobots have the Forge of Solus Prime, Optimus Prime used it to make the ground bridge into a sapce and repaired the Star Saber. And when the Autobots have victory, Starscream came up with a clever plan by kidnapping Jack, Miko, and Ralph and use them as a bargaining chip. With no choice, the Autobots trade the omega keys to get the kids and than witness the Decepticons use the omega keys on the omega lock and rebuild a Cybertron building and than Megatron use the power on Earth. With that, Optimus Prime use the Star Saber to slice of the prime arm off of Megatron and made the ultimate sacrifice by using the Star Saber to destroy the omega lock and the Autobots take the kids back to Earth. But the worse isn't over, Megatron used the omega lock's powers to make his new palace that's fifteen miles away from the Autobots' base and made the attack on the Autobots. With no choice, Optimus Prime had order everyone to escape from the base as Agent Fowler and Wheeljack hold off some of the attackers. Agent Fowler is awesome of how he got an Insecticon and a new model jet Decepticon to crash each other and how Agent Fowler save June Darby from another jet Decepticon. Starscream blast down Wheeljack's ship which Starscream jokes about bring down a wrecker. With everybody went through the portal bridge, Optimus use the Star Saber to destroy the controls as Nemesis fires balst beam to destroy the Autobot base. Megatron and Starscream fly down to the wreckage to see what is left of the base. Knowing they got a new palace and have destroy the Autobot base, they are now ready to conquer Earth. There will be a third season of Transformers Prime coming out in Spring 2013 called Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters and this will have a new intro with Wheeljack and Smokescreen in it and will have the return of Airachnid and Shockwave. This new season will be the Autobots fighting and escaping from the Decepticons, which this will be 'The Hunt is on' and will be hardcore to the max.