Transformers Prime Beast Hunters

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Friday 7:30 PM Jul 12, 2013 on The Hub

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  • The autobot

    The episode coming ten
  • Megatron persuade Ratchet

    This episode continues from last episode and Ratchet gets captured. Optimus Prime continues to fight Predaking and the rest of the Autobots fight Shockwave and the other decepticons. Things didn't go to well for the Autobots after the fight. Megatron also order Starcream to attack the Autobots secret hideout military bunker. The Autobots manage to trick Starcream in destroying the wrong bunker. Ratchet was also persuaded by Megatron to help him complete the Synthetic Energon. Megatron also built a new Omega Lock outside the ship. That is how he convince Ratchet to help him rebuild Cybertron. Not much suspense that I like in this episode anyway.
  • Ratchet is given an offer he can't refuse

    As the rest of the Autobots lick their wounds from being beaten by Predaking and the Decepticons, Megatron attempts convince Ratchet to complete his experiment with Synthetic Energon, the final component the Decepticons need to restore Cybertron to its former glory.

    The Megatron/Ratchet story is interesting in itself but the ridiculous way in which Starscream is fooled into destroying the wrong bunker at a military installation is pretty weak. The episode also doesn't do much to move forward the overall season arc.

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