Transformers Prime Beast Hunters

Season 2 Episode 51


Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 26, 2012 on The Hub

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  • Are you serious?

    Am I the only one who thinks these last two episodes don't make any sense? The writers seem to have lost their minds!

    Starscream has been off the Decepticon roster for quite some time, during which, despite his decision not to ally with any faction and make a path on his own, has achieved NOTHING; except getting his t-cog explanted, that is. I don't like that to begin with... since Starscream is one of my favourite characters and I was expecting him to make a big twist in the plot economy.

    At last, he gets his hand on the 4 omega keys which can restore the whole of Cybertron; that's his chance of his lifetime to rule! AND WHAT HE DOES? He goes back to Megatron, pledging him to rejoin the Decepticons! This choice of the character doesn't make any sense, didn't he want to be his own bot? Why didn't he use the keys by himself and replace Megatron as leader?

    Naturally, I was expecting Megatron, THE BAD GUY, to squash him into scrap and take the keys, like would be logical. Megatron knows perfectly that Starscream's only intention has always been overthrowing him; yet he wastes time with a mind-probing interrogation that only resolves in one of those annoying synopsis episodes that the animators need, every now and then, to keep up with delivery deadlines. Ok...

    Now that Megatron has confirmation that Starscream is an ambitious moron what happens? Instead of squashing him into scrap, he, THE BAD GUY, gives him a Optimus-like destiny and unity speech and decides to welcome him back in the Cons!!! WTF?! Is this really Megatron?!

    Well, let it pass; there is worse. Dreadwing has found out that Starscream zombified his beloved twin brother, and LOGICALLY, he wants to scrap him. I don't really agree with him going to the Autobots and giving the the Forge of Solus Prime because of his loyalty to the Decepticon cause, however the worst part is when he rightfully tries to kill Starscream; Megatron busts him, and what happens? Does he let his first liutenant take his revenge on the traitor like any self-respecting Decepticon would do? NO! Megatron KILLS Dreadwing to save Starscream! Didn't he use to reward LOYALTY? Dreadwing has been super loyal to him all along, he's stronger and more competent than Starscream, he's Megatron's first liutenant; Starscream has always been treacherous and he's a weakling too. WHY KEEP STARSCREAM AND SCRAP DREADWING?!

    And after all that, Megatron even trusts Starscream with leading his army! THIS MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL, why would he ever put a notorious traitor in charge of his armada?! At the very least, he would have to regain his place by proving his loyalty.

    Of course, in this world of nonsense, Starscream is so touched by Megatron's attention for him that he has an instant change of spark and now treats Megatron as his one lord and master. He's been trying to overthrow him for the whole series and now they are suddenly BFFs!!!

    Writers of the show, please... get it together. I loved the earlier episodes of TFP and this nonsense is really turning me against the series.