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  • One Big Pile of Wasted Potential.

    The only upvotes I'd have for Prime was the great voice acting, smooth animation and somewhat tolerable humans. Everything else is garbage.

    First off, the show has no purpose whatsoever. In Beast Wars, the purpose of the show was to figure out Megatron's plans and stop him from changing history and reaching Cybertron. In TF: Cybertron, the purpose of the show was to find all of the Cyber Planet Keys before the Decepticons do. In Animated, the purpose was to find all the all-spark fragments before the Decepticons can, you get the point. Now, somebody tell me what was the main plot/purpose of Prime? It seems as if every storyline (Predacons, Relic Hunting etc) lasted only a few episodes.

    Second of all, character development in TFP is terrible. Optimus becoming more violent at the end of season one was referenced in only two episodes in season two, and never in season three. Arcee realizing that her desire for vengeance was wrong in Partners was immediately forgotten in season two and she continued to run off to get vengeance. Starscream realizing he isn't the ultimate Decepticon at the end of season two was quickly forgotten in season three, where he became threatened by Shockwave, despite having no good reason to, seemingly because he was too egotistical to realize not everyone wants what he has.

    There was also problems with the main characters. First, it was Arcee in Season 1 and there seem to be no season 2 main character until Smokescreen came along. Then Bee became the main know what I mean

    Finally, the drama behind the show oh god. Each episode cost so much money at one point that it prevented Hasbro from investing further into Transformers and it aborted so many good storylines and arcs.

    Oh and bonus, remember when Ratchet mentioned that if the traveled outside of the Earth via groundbridge, the vortex has a great chance of snapping and sending them to random areas in space? Well they were able to go outside of Earth TWO times via groundbridge, even traveling to Cybertron with no problem.

    4.5/10 This show has so many problems its hard to look at the good side.
  • Great Show

    I can't beleive the show is over already !? The show was well done and I really enjoyed watching the show with my son. I hope they bring the show back. Or make an all new show ! Great job from begining to end.
  • Great show

    I realized i didn't comment on the show as a whole, so basically, it had been a shaky first season, but this show has improved a lot over the last 2 seasons. I think the fewer characters was a good and bad thing. The fewer allowed more character development for each one, but at the same time it would've been nice to have more of the other characters we loved. I wanted to see how this show would've treated the combiner teams. Anyway, yes i did trash this show in the forum section, but with the improvements towards the end, i can say this show can stand toe to toe with g1 in its own right and looking forward to the wrap up movie. If they do make another series, i want them to do the war for cybertron prequel as that looks like it has 'great potential'.
  • Season 4 We Want More!!!!!!!!!

    this shows brilliant ,... I cant get enough of it !!!! I used to watch it in the 80's to and read the books sadly I fear u'll stop now cybertrons alive again don't still to meet scorpionoc , galvatron ,the constructacons,.. hot rod ,. rodimus prime ,.. sand storm ,. grim lock,. slag ,.. snarl ,. sluge ,.. swoop ,.. sky warp ,.. thrust ,.. combaticons ,..

    I could go on and on (can u tell im a transformers freak) MORE! MORE! MORE! plz
  • series fans

    My kids and myself loved it. The writers must find a way to keep it going. My kids love watching the episodes over and over again.
  • Love the show

    I Have been a fan since the 80's and this one (Transformers Prime) is one of the top 5. Hope to see the show stay on for a while. One thing. Where are the Dinobots? They would fit in great with Beast Hunters.
  • Great epic show!

    The best transformers show. The only downfall is that they are focusing on very few characters and they didn't include 3/4th character including the dinobots (-1.0 rating) :( and the sad news is that season 3 episode 13 (-0.5 rating) is the series finale. Quality of CGI is good and beautiful to the eye.

    characters has been build quite carefully and nice (+2.5 rating)

    Characters: Highly detailed. They do their own role and they have back stories, and agendas. Voice acting is good especially Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime)(+2.5 rating)

    Art and Design: Nice, new style of CGI. Their designs are pretty good, their animation movement fits throughout on this series (+2.5 rating)

    Action Value: I'll give it a high one, their battles are realistic and nice to watch and really makes you wonder who is going to win. (+2.5 rating)

    Overall its a great show. This show was so great... I cant put -1.5 rating but I had to :(
  • Great show

    I haveing barly seen the middle remake where there was no bumble but hotshot, well I can't really have a differing opinion since those sieres were off in some ways
  • epic!

    best transformers show i've ever seen, due to me being born in the 90's and not being able to see g1, but stil.
  • Fun Show

    I especially like when they travel back to Cybertron and you see what the shocking realities of a prolonged mechanized civil war on ones home.

    I HAVE BEEN A FAN FOR YEARS. SENCE 1985 AND (( MASK Crusaders . ))

    AND BOTH versions OF KNIGHT RIDER. 1983-1986 // 2007-2008 AND TEAM KNIGHT RIDER WITH 4 CARS AND TO Motorcycles . THAT LINKED INTO A CAR.

    AND YES I HOPE THERE WILL BE MORE Versions of transformers .


  • gabriel

    transformers prime is the best show ever who agrees if you like this like it ill give it a ten
  • Trite,Vapid and Unoriginal Garbage

    At first glance Transformers prime looks like a fun, entertaining show but after watching season 1 twice and delving into the first 6 episodes of Season 2 I had to edit my review.

    This has to be the dumbest Transformers show ever. First off it takes place in some absurd time and place where humans don't know about the Autobots or Decepticons. The creators took over 25 years of Mythology and just ignored it. Now, instead we have three small human children whose parents allow to go on planetary adventures, put themselves at risk, and team up with 5 giant robots that live in an abandoned missile silo.

    Optimus Prime and Megatron now wield opposing energy force swords just like Luke and Daddy Vader, it's completely unoriginal. As if that wasn't bad enough Optimus now has to go on a quest to gather the artifacts that can form ultimate weapons, blah blah blah blah. Can anyone say Dragon Ball Z. Now once he has all these mighty fragments, they do what? They form an even better sword that taps into the matrix energy to make Optimus even more powerful than he never needed to be before to defeat Megatron. Which, he of course, does not use to defeat Megatron, but instead prances around the desert doing Ninja jumps and cutting mountains and boulders in half.

    This has become nothing but cheap, unoriginal, pure unadulterated anime garbage.
  • best show ever

    this is the best show in the universe.please never stop making this show. i am obsess with this show. some of my friends hate this show but I'm crazy with it. but i hear breakdown dies in one of the episodes but i don't know which one and i don't know how. but bulkhead is my favorite character i hope he never dies if he does i will be really mad. this show is all i watch on YouTube and on the TV.please keep it on the TV. but i did get one of my friends interested in this show. keep this show going.
  • Nice series.

    Another one of's Transformers great series. They never fail.

    Plot: Megatron is back again! With a new weapon at his arsenal! Another robot war will begin.... Boy, he never stops. The very good point about this show is it's plot are complete detailed, more detailed than my comment right here! But really understandable and doesn't get cluttered up.

    Characters: Really detailed. They do their own role and they have backstories, and agendas. Voice acting is nice.

    Action Value: I'll give it a high one, their battles are nice to watch and really makes you wonder who is going to win.

    Art: Nice, new style of CGI. Their designs are pretty good, their CGI animation movement fits throughout on this show.

    Overall: 9.5. Could use more major villain other than Megatron.
  • One of the greatest Transformers seriers ever!

    I will just give it a ten, though there is other Tf series I like as much I like this..

    Reasons why it is so good, that it has good plot lines and it has become more realistic.

    Quality of CGI is good and beautifull to the eye.

    Charracters has been build quite carefully and I don't see Miko so annoiyng,

    only more of a plot line twister and "amusement".

    Can't just stop wondering how far this shows potential goes, because this is what most Tf fans have waited, something more serious and believable.