Transformers Prime Beast Hunters

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Friday 7:30 PM Jun 07, 2013 on The Hub

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  • An experiment gone wrong

    This is an awesome episode that I like so far. I didn't expect to see Cylas alive again when he's still inside Breakdown's body. Starscream and Knock Out did an experiment by using mix synthetic energon and dark energon to see if they can control Cylas in Breakdown's body. Their experiment on Cylas was a disaster and Breakdown's body became a mutated sucking energon. Starscream and Knock out knows that their ship is in danger. They know the mutated Breakdown can suck and drain energon from any Decepticons, and they will become an undead like him. I'm also surprised to see Arachnid again in this episode. Cylas or Breakdown manage to free her from the capsule and try to suck her energon also. Arachnid manage to defeat and escape death form Breakdown. She was also surprised to see Cylas inside Breakdown's body. Arachnid also got her insecticons army back in control again. The strange part at the end is that Arachnid somehow is also infected when she became a mutated sucking energon. I'll give this deserving suspense episode 10/10.