Transformers Prime Beast Hunters

Season 2 Episode 41


Aired Friday 7:30 PM May 26, 2012 on The Hub



  • Trivia

    • When Agent Fowler reminds Bulkhead of everything he's been through, the Autobot flashes back to events from Scrapheap, Deus Ex Machina, Out of His Head, Shadowzone, Rock Bottom, Operation: Breakdown, and Loose Cannons.

      When Fowler tells him to remember what he's fighting for, Bulkhead recalls experiences with Miko from Darkness Rising (Parts 3 and 4), Metal Attraction, Deus Ex Machina, Rock Bottom, and T.M.I.

  • Quotes

    • Agent Fowler: You left a false trail, huh? I once pulled that trick after I got seperated from my unit behind enemy lines.
      Bulkhead: When were you ever behind enemy lines?
      Agent Fowler: I wasn't always a bot-sitter.
      Bulkhead: Huh. Next you're gonna tell me that your mother doesn't tuck you in bed at night.
      Agent Fowler: Not since basic training.
      Bulkhead: Training as what? A rodeo clown?
      Agent Fowler: You've been spending way too much time at monster truck rallies with Miko. I was an Army Ranger. We could wreck with the best of 'em.
      Bulkhead: Who knew you and I were so much alike?

    • Hardshell: The Wrecker left me alive... the last mistake he will ever make!

    • Bulkhead: Fowler, how was your beauty sleep?
      Agent Fowler: Fine. Dreamt I finally got a little respect from you.
      Bulkhead: (scoffs) Keep dreamin'.

    • Optimus Prime: Rafael and Agent Fowler will be your communications and transportation hub.
      Agent Fowler: I can has cheeseburger!
      Bulkhead: Communications, huh?

    • Hardshell: (to the other Insecticons) Divide, and do not hesitate to conquer!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The Tox-En's green coloration, mineral-like composition, and deadliness to Cybertronians are all reminiescent of Kryptonite, the one element that can weaken and eventually kill Superman.