Transformers: Robots in Disguise

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Transformers: Robots in Disguise

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Set years after the events of Predacons Rising, finds Bumblebee on a new mission from Optimus, and returning to Earth. The prison ship Alchemor has crashed on the planet, releasing several hundred Decepticon prisoners. Now with a new team of Strongarm a by the book rookie, rebel bad-bot Sideswipe, bombastic dino bot Grimlock, and the damage caretaker Fixit, Bumblebee must round them up. Fortunately, the Autobots are joined by Denny, a man who owns a "Vintage Salvage Depot for the Discriminating Nostalgist" aka a scrapyard, and his young son Russell. However among the fugitives is Steeljaw, who wants to turn Earth into a Decepticon safe haven.

The first season has Bumblebee struggling to become a leader for the first time, dealing with various problems, such as trying to get his team to work as a team. As a concurrent plot, reveal Optimus survived the events of Predacons Rising, and is now training with the Primes to fight an unknown evil. Midway through this season the honor bound bounty hunter Drift and his mini-con students Jetstorm and Slipstream join the cast, as well as appearances by Jazz and the tracer Windblade. During the season finale, Optimus returns, empowered by the Primes, to face the being who caused the Alchemor to crash in the first place, Megatronnus. With the Autobots victorious, Optimus and Windblade decided to stay.

The second season takes place several weeks later, where the Autobots are split into two team: The home team of Bumblebee, Grimlock, and Strongarm, and the Away Team of Optimus, Windblade, Drift, and Sideswipe. However due to Optimus's recent energy loss, The ground bridge is destroyed, seperating the two indefinitely. While the away team deals with various Decepticons across the globe, the home team learns part of the Alcemor is now Decepticon Island, lead by Glowstrike, and now joined by Steeljaw. In the finale, Ratchet rejoins the team, and helps capture the islanders, including Steeljaw. Optimus, Ratchet, and Windblade take the island to Cybertron, while the others stay to make a permanent base.

A third season has been confirmed, featuring the return of Starscream.


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AIRED ON 9/24/2016

Season 2 : Episode 16

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Adam Beechen

Adam Beechen

Producer, Story Editor, Developer

Jeff Kline

Jeff Kline

Producer, Developer

Steven Melching

Steven Melching

Story Editor

Duane Capizzi

Duane Capizzi


Therese Trujillo

Therese Trujillo

Animation Producer

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