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Transformers Robots In Disguise

Season 1 Episode 9

Mirage's Betrayal

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 2001 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Mirage's Betrayal
At Autobot headquarters, the Spychangers are engaged in a simulator exercise, fighting against the Predacons. When Mirage notices that the simulator has two Dark Screams, he shuts the simulator down. The other Spychangers are upset at Mirage. As the other Spychangers practice hand signals, Mirage berates them for practicing such mundane exercises. Meanwhile at Predacon base, Gas Skunk has created a tracking and listening device. They hope to use it to find the location of the Autobot base. At Koji's house, he is watching a news report on a ruby on display at a museum. The ruby is so large scientists believe that it can be used to create a powerful laser. Koji decides to tell Optimus about it, fearing the Predacons will try to steal it. He's right. At Predacon base, Megatron orders Sky Byte to steal the ruby so the Predacons can complete their super weapon: the Mega Laser. At Autobot base, Optimus tells Koji that the Spychangers are guarding the ruby. That night, their skills are put to the test as the Predacons break into the museum and take the ruby. Outside, the Spychangers are waiting however, and reveal themselves to the Predacons. During the fight, Dark Scream manages to throw Gas Skunk's device onto Mirage. The Predacons manage to get the ruby and run for it. Mirage is left on the rooftop as a backup as the other Spychangers chase down the Predacons. The Predacons manage to lose the Spychangers. Mirage can shoot them, however he is worried a stray blast may hit a nearby chemical plant and destroy it. He doesn't shoot and the other Spychangers are shocked. Afterwards, the other Spychangers berate Mirage for not stopping the Predacons. The Predacons manage to overhear the argument. Mirage gets increasingly frustrated and walks away from the Spychangers. As the Autobots find out, they are surprised as well. Hot Shot and Optimus try to appeal to Mirage, but he doesn't listen to anyone. Ironhide asks Hot Shot not to kick him out of the team and asks for a chance to speak with him. Ironhide catches up to Mirage and asks Mirage for an explanation of the previous night. He looks over the area and figures out Mirage did not want to hit the chemical plant. The conversation turns into an argument and Ironhide winds up hitting Mirage out of anger. He immediately regrets his move and tries to appeal to Mirage again. Mysteriously, Mirage makes some odd hand signals as he talks tough about leaving the Autobots. The Predacons meanwhile are still listening in. As Sky Byte cries over the scene the other Predacons are thrilled at the prospect of having a new team member. Megatron is thrilled as well, and tells the Predacons to stay on top of the situation. That night, after Mirage refuels, the Predacons track him down. Mirage tells them he appreciates the offer but that he's not big on being part of a team. He explains he has nothing against Optimus Prime, but just wants to teach the Spychangers a lesson. The Predacons offer to have Mirage use the Mega Laser to destroy the Spychangers. Mirage uses the remote and tests it on a mountain, which is completely obliterated by the blast. Mirage contacts the Autobots at base and explains the Predacon plan. He then gives the remote control to Sky Byte and tells him to prepare to destroy the Spychangers once they arrive. Upon their arrival, Mirage meets them and begins to give the Spychangers hand signals, telling them the location of the Predacons. With Mirage's help, the Spychangers destroy the remote and blast the Predacons. Megatron has his own remote however, and activates it! Crosswise suggests using the "sphere" formation which wraps Space Bridge track around the laser in a sphere shape. It contains the energy fired and the Spychangers hit the track and begin going around and around, they redirect the energy hitting the Predacon base. The Predacons beat a hasty retreat. The day is won and Mirage explains to Ironhide that he was just putting on a show for the Predacons. The two old friends make up and drive off into the sunsetmoreless

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