Transformers Robots In Disguise

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  • A cool series, where I first hopped aboard the Transformers series train.

    I have first seen this series about 7 years ago and I wan't into it, but a little later, I began to gain interest in early 2002. Then during the spring, I gained a lot of interest. I find this series fun to watch. I watched episodes right around when it ended in America and I liked it alot like Digimon. This is the first Transformers series I liked. It had a bunch of histerical moments like the tongue statue sticking its tougng at Megatron, Sky-Bye getting blown up, getting electrocuted, and the predacons getting flattened a couple of times. I never knew about the earlier Transformers series, but I will always watch some RID episodes sometimes. The characters arrangements were amazing. If only the future TF series' characters have the names from the characters in this series. Still a good series, even if it only lasted for one season and a lot of the names weren't used in future series.
  • This Show had its ups and downs.

    Personally i liked some of the latter episodes with Ultra Magnus. One of the things that this show was able to do well was make it so Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime were somewhat rivals similar to Goku and Vegeta From DBZ. Furthermore Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus fused together in this show with the power of the matrix into Omega Prime. However this show did not have a very extensive plot, there was nothing that made a person want to watch more of the show. Maybe if there was a bit more interesting plot details as well as a character development this show could have done well, but this wasn't completely horrible.
  • A Japenese import that gives good mileage.

    A Japenese import that gives good mileage. Althought this series pays no attention to previous Transformers continuity it was a very good show. I beleive it to be much better than the present incarnations that have been run on Cartoon Network the past few years. This show took Transfomers back to its roots by turning the Autobots, key word there auto, back into vehicles and yes Optimus was a firetruck but nothing is perfect. They also did a great job paying homage to G1 by the use of naming some of the characters after them and there were some, the Combaticons for instance, who basically had repaints of themselves in this incarnation. The show was whitty, action filled, quick moving and most of all interesting.
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  • This show just appeared at wrong place at wrong time.It definetely deserves a second chance.

    I watched Car Robots (Japanese version of RID) and it was preety cool.Characters were OK ,stories are preety poor comparing with G1 or Beast Wars but they are funny and amusing.I'm preety dissapointed with American translation...because every time when they didn't knew what Japanese character said they puted some preety lame lines...I was always annoyed when Koji no matter what subject was in that moment ,he will always whine about his dad... for instance ,Autobots defeated Predacons ,Koji came and asked Optimus if he is OK ,Optimus answered that he is fine ,and then Koji ,litterally suddenly asked 'By the way ,Optimus ,when will you save my dad?'and in Car Robots ,Yuki was actually reporting what did exactly Predacons stolen...Most of lines in RID were preety confusing unlike CR ,like in Bullet Train To The Rescue ,we only saw Koji in the world's fastest train ,without explanation ,how did he get there ,was he with somebody...but in CR in the beginning he explained that his dad's friend invited him...though we never saw that friend ,that's completely understandable explanation unlike the one in RID...if there was one ,anyway....Optimus had that same problem...every time when they didn't knew what did Fire Convoy said ,Optimus was getting so philosophical with lines about how he always protect Earth or someday they will win ,or I don't know ,you get the idea ,probably...
    The other much more important thing about this show was the one I described in summary...this show appeared just during 9/11 crisis ,so it was mangled with censorships.Now after 5 years ,I think it deserves a proper second run ,with all episodes without censorship.
    Characters: 6/10
    Stories: 5/10
    Music: 9/10
    Voices: 9/10
  • Optimus Prime is a firetruck. Megatron is a dragon. Doomed from the start

    Robots in Disguise was an attempt by Hasbro to relaunch the popular Transformers brand. After the failure of the line as beast-creatures, a return to the tradition of vehicles was made. The series and toys were imported direct from Japan and Takara, and that's where the problems started.

    When first released, toys had Japanese writing on them. The tv show was too childish, and didn't go well with American audiences. And while popular character names were used, they had little or no resemblance to their original form in this "continuity free" series.

    Optimus Prime is a firetruck.
    Megatron is a dragon.

    Doomed from the start.....
  • Autobots and Decepticons return to the forefront in this Japanese import

    I didn't think it was such a bad show. It's not as good as other Transformers series like Beast Wars and Beast Machines, but I like it better than Generation One and Armada. I just wish we'd have been able to see all of the episodes.

    I'll agree with some critics that announcing attacks ("Laser Assault!", "Flying Fist!", "Shark Missle!") which happened all of the time here was a bit annoying, but if it helped younger fans get into the show and become Transformers fans themselves, then it was definitely worth it. I almost caught myself doing it.

    It's a very light-hearted and funny series. I mean, who could truly say they didn't like Skybyte? He was afterall, one of the higher ranking villains who tried so hard and failed so often. His cohorts, Dark Scream, Slapper, and Gas Skunk were also very entertaining. Often these three, would be referred to as "the three stooges" and it's ironic they were sold together in the toyline (a fellow Transfan would say "I just bought the stooges' set!).

    Overall, if not the original continuity, then this one does deserve revisiting as it is stand alone in the Transformers Universe. I just wish we'd get the complete series on DVD here too.