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Transformers Robots In Disguise

Season 1 Episode 14

The Decepticons

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 2001 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The Decepticons
At Autobot headquarters, Koji is reading about UFO's. Optimus finds it hard to believe that even now some people don't believe in spaceships from other planets. TAI reports that she has finished decoding Dr. Onishi's microchip, and one location in particular seems to be important. It is a location called Castle Peak, where a UFO was reported to have landed 60 years ago. Optimus Prime and the Autobot headquarters quickly head to the site. There, they find the Predacons already digging and Kelly on a nature walk. When Sky-Byte accidentally caves in the area, Kelly disappears while the UFO is revealed! Optimus scans the ship to find six protoforms inside the ship, still in stasis pods. The Predacons try to lay claim to the ship, but the Autobots argue otherwise. Suddenly, Megatron appears and steals the protoforms! The Autobots try to give chase but Sky-Byte, Dark Scream, Slapper and Gas Skunk hold off the Autobots while Megatron escapes. Later at the Predacon base, Megatron explains that he plans on turning the protoforms into new soldiers. He plans to infuse programming from his Spark into each protoform to turn them evil. Meanwhile, at a military base near the UFO site, Kelly is resting after being rescued. Suddenly, the Predacons appear with the protoforms! Slapper and Dark Scream try to scan a vehicle, but it fights back, blasting away at them. At Autobot base, Tai sees the carnage and figures out that Megatron has found a way to control the protoforms. She sends the Autobot brothers and Optimus to McKinley Army Base to stop the Predacons. They manage to scan the vehicle however, and after Megatron uses his Spark energy on the protoform, the first new warrior is born: Mega-Octane! Optimus approaches Mega-Octane, hoping there is still Autobot goodness in him. Mega-Octane responds with a blast, knocking Optimus off his feet. While the Predacons scan the other protoforms, Mega-Octane uses his firepower to hold the Autobots back. Slapper scans a tank, Gas Skunk scans a jeep while Dark Scream scans a helicoptor. Sky-Byte is about to scan something when Optimus blasts him off his feet! The pod almost scans a bird, but scans a space shuttle instead. With the four vehicles scanned, Megatron uses his Spark energy to turn all four into Decepticons! One pod remains, but the Autobots can't get to it thanks to the Decepticons. Kelly is determined to escape the carnage and takes a tanker truck and begins to drive away. The tanker is loaded with rocket fuel however. Megatron selects the tanker as the last vehicle to scan, hoping it will use the rocket fuel to become extra powerful. The truck almost tips over however, but Optimus catches it. At that moment, Megatron scans the tanker - but scans Optimus too! When the new protoform emerges, he looks like a darker version of Optimus Prime! The Autobot brother are stunned, but Optimus explains that he was scanned too, hence the appearance. Unfortunately, the new warrior proves to be Decepticon, not Autobot! Scourge immediately takes command of the Decepticons and orders the Decepticons to attack. However, they are low on power and Megatron orders them to fall back for now. Optimus does not want them to go, but they pour on enough firepower to keep him away. Optimus hopes that one day they will find a way to escape from Megatron's grip. Meanwhile, the Predacons worry about their status with Megatron as Kelly sobs to herself inside the truck.moreless

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