Transformers: Victory

(ended 1989)


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Transformers: Victory

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First Aired: March 14, 1989 Last Aired: December 12, 1989

Age rating: Older Children (May contain mild bad language, bloodless violence)

Episodes: 32 colored episodes

Genres: Adventure, Mecha, Science Fiction, Shounen

The Year is 2025 AD, and the Decepticons have continued their path of terror through the galaxies, plundering planet after planet in search of a new base of operations from which to launch their final invasion of the universe.

But the Decepticons' arch-foes, The Autobots, now led by the powerful Star Saber, set up residence on Earth, keeping vigilance over the planet and others in the solar system as part of a supreme Space Defense Force.

The Decepticons soon attack Earth, led by the malevolent Deszaras, a breastmaster (a Transformer whose chest transforms into a partner).

Armed with new allies and weapons, the Decepticons are determined to harness Earth's resources and energy to power up their space fortress and seize control of the cosmos.

Star Saber and the Autobots, with the aid of their own newest recruits, the Brainmasters, must halt the Decepticon armada before they cripple Earth and seize control of the universe.

Opening Song: "Transformers: Victory" by Mikuri Kouji Ending Song: "Hooray for the Cybertrons" by Mikuri Kouji

Trivia: TF: Victory was once broadcast along with the Headmasters and Masterforce series dubbed into English. The dubs were considered very poor but in 2004, a fan-dub project was set up to re-dub the Victory series, along with the only episode of Zone.

You can download the fan dubs of Victory and other Transformers from the Hubs or from:
Hideyuki Tanaka

Hideyuki Tanaka

Star Saber (Japanese Version)

Takeshi Aono

Takeshi Aono

Deszaras (Japanese Version)

Keiichi Nanba

Keiichi Nanba

Leozack (Japanese Version)

Robin Simpson

Robin Simpson

Starscream/Thundercracker (english version(2006))

Hiroshi Takemura

Hiroshi Takemura

Ginrai, Victory Leo (Japanese Version)