Season 2 Episode 33


Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Nov 13, 1985 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

In New York City, Raul and his pals, Poplock and Rocksteady, are break-dancing outside a new club, the Dancitron. Some thugs working for the club gang up on Raul and his buddies and chase them away. Tracks and Blaster show up and rescue the three. Blaster and Tracks then head over to the Dancitron to see what's up and Tracks notices a bunch of out-of-place people dancing in the club, such as women in curlers, businessmen and men in tuxedos. Finding nothing incriminating, the Transformers leave. Starscream and Soundwave watch them leave from a secret room, and decide to deal with the three kids that lead the Autobots to their newest scheme.

Raul, Poplock and Rocksteady are riding a metro train home when the conductor snaps and sends the train out of control. Tracks and Blaster arrive, stop the train and rescue the humans. They decide the Dancitron incident deserves further investigation, so Blaster, Poplock and Rocksteady head back to the club while Tracks and Raul investigate elsewhere in the city. While driving around, Tracks notices more out-of-place people working at a construction site at 1 in the morning. Intrigued, the pair move in to investigate only to be attacked by the people. They escape, and decide to head to the Dancitron.

Poplock and Rocksteady get inside the Dancitron but become hypnotized by the music. Tracks and Raul arrive, though Tracks is taken prisoner as soon as he enters. Raul clogs his ears with some napkins so the music doesn't effect him and tries to figure out what's going on. Blaster then shows up and Starscream orders all the humans to attack. Raul uses a bucket of water to snap his friends out of their trance and together they free Tracks. Starscream transforms to jet mode and flies away, so Tracks transforms to flight mode and chases after him. During the aerial chase, Tracks starts a rainstorm; the rain waking the hypnotized construction workers from their trance.

Meanwhile, Blaster and Soundwave throw-down with their sonic attacks. Soundwave takes Blaster out with little effort, reveling in his victory. Blaster then grabs a pair of high-grade speakers to boost his sonics and blasts Soundwave out of the building. Soundwave then retreats. With the Decepticons defeated, Blaster demolishes their building. Tracks, grateful for Raul's help, offers him any reward he wishes. Raul requests that Blaster act as he and his friends' stereo for the next few days while they try to earn enough cash to buy a new one. Blaster is less than pleased.
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