Season 2 Episode 1

Autobot Spike

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Sep 23, 1985 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Sparkplug builds up a new autobot, the "Autobot X", with spare parts like a Frankenstein. This robot is completely insane and has to be shot down by the Autobots. Wheeljack thinks the "Autobot X" will be useful to store an Autobot's mind while their body undergoes extensive repairs. Sparkplug and Wheeljack start to upgrade the new robot.

The Decepticons assault a rocket base to steal the energy but during the fight with the Autobots, all the rockets are destroyed and the Decepticons have to retreat. To ensure their retreat, Megatron shoots Bumblebee with Spike driving, causing him to roll over, injuring Spike.

The Autobots rescue them and Ratchet and Prowl transports Spike to the nearest hospital. The doctors says that while Spike's body could conceivably be healed, his mind would not be able to withstand the extensive surgery. Sparkplug and Wheeljack transfer Spike's mind to "Autobot X's" body. The secondary effects cause Spike to go crazy and think that he is a monster.

Laserbeak informs Megatron about the "new" Spike. Megatron convinces Spike to destroy the Autobots for turning him into a monster. Bumblebee overhears them talking and informs Optimus Prime who calls for a squad of Autobots.

A new battle starts with Spike shooting at the Autobots with Megatron. Sparkplug attempts to convince hin Spike that he is not evil but is shot down. Spike regains his normal attitude and saves his father from going down a cliff. He shoots at the Decepticons until they retreat.

When Spike's body is healed, Wheeljack transfers his mind from Autobot X back into his real body as the body of Autobot X is put in storage. As Spike recovers, Bumblebee wonders what it would be like if an Autobot got turned into a human.