Season 2 Episode 1

Autobot Spike

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Sep 23, 1985 on ABC Family



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    • Megatron: So the human called Spike now possesses an Autobot body, and the state of his mind is questionable. Interesting, perhaps I can turn the situation to my advantage and use this Autobot Spike to destroy the other Autobots!
      Starscream: You've made such boasts before Megatron, but the Autobots still exist!
      Megatron: (Pushes Starscream aside) Be careful what you say, ambitious one. Or I'll turn Autobot Spike's power against you! (laughs) What supreme irony, turning their friend into their foe!

    • Brawn: So you Decepticreeps like to fly huh? (kicks Soundwave into a rocket) Well TAKE OFF!

    • Ironhide: Come on guys! Lets zap em into scrap!
      (Ironhide runs into battle but is immediately blasted by Starscream)
      Starscream: Too bad you don't move as fast as you talk, Ironhide!

    • Bumblebee: (Speaking to Spike after he's been transfered back to his human body.) Hmm. I wonder. I wonder what it would be like for a robot mind to be transfered to a human?

    • Sparkplug: (Speaking to Wheeljack.) You see Wheeljack. You're not the only mad scientist around here.

  • Notes

    • The spare robot parts that make up Autobot X resemble the parts of the other Autobots:

      * The forehead crest and right chest of Prowl.
      * The left door of Bluestreak.
      * The left shoulder of Sunstreak.
      * The right shoulder/fender and shoulder-mounted missile launcher of Hound.
      * The left chest and arm cannon of Trailbreaker.
      * The left wrist and parts of the right leg of Optimus Prime.
      * The photon rifle (mounted on the right arm), crotch, and back of the left leg of Jazz.

    • This episode begins with new opening credits. The Autobot and Decepticon insignias race in space around the planets Saturn and Cybertron. The Transformers Logo, which is caught in Grimlock's bite, turns into Thrust as the the Dinobots are shown shooting at Blitzwing who in turn shoots at Omega Supreme. Scrapper is picking up some debris. Omega Supreme shoots at Astrotrain who takes off from locomotive mode to shuttle mode over the Insecticons. This in turn grids out to Optimus Prime leading Red Alert, Tracks and Grapple into battle against Megatron with Ramjet, Scrapper and Scavenger. Leaving Optimus Prime and Megatron fighting in the end.

    • This is the first episode in which Spike and Sparkplug's last name (Witwicky) is spoken.

    • This is the last time Reflector speaks.

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