Season 2 Episode 21

Blaster Blues

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Oct 23, 1985 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Spike, Carly and Blaster are attending a rock concert. Blaster decides to share the music with his fellow Autobots and transmits it at high volumes directly through Teletran-1. The noise drives all The Autobots at the Ark crazy, save for Jazz. Elsewhere, a scientist is unveiling is Voltronic Galaxer, a device capable of turning human language into impulses capable of being decoded in any alien language. Megatron, Starscream and Thundercracker steal the device and take it to the Moon. Optimus Prime and all The Autobots tell Blaster to shut up so they can hear the scientist's distress signal. They arrive too late and send Blaster and Cosmos out into space to investigate.
Blaster and Cosmos come across The Decepticon Moon base but are taken prisoner. Megatron decides to use Blaster's advanced broadcasting abilities in unison with the Voltronic Galaxer to transmit a blocking field which disrupts all airwave transmissions on Earth. The resulting disruption causes chaos all over the planet, and the Autobots are dispatched to help. While helping land planes at an airport, Optimus is attacked by Thundercracker and Ramjet and is injured. Powerglide, Carly and Spike take him to Omega Supreme and attempt to repair him. On the way, Blaster sends a secret transmission during Megatron's ransom demands and Spike and Carly recognize it as the music from the rock concert. Carly traces the transmission back to the Moon and Omega takes her, Spike, Powerglide and the injured Optimus Prime to their destination. Omega Supreme arrives and is kept busy by Astrotrain while Megatron attempts to kill the unconscious Optimus.
Optimus comes to at the last moment and engages Megatron in a fair fight. Unguarded, Blaster and Cosmos destroy the Voltronic Galaxer. Optimus and Omege Supreme defeat their opponents and the Decepticons flee from the Moon. Blaster requests that they turn the old Decepticon Moon base into an Autobot sub base. Optimus agrees, but tells Blaster to be more responsible with his volume from now on. Jokingly, Blaster cranks up the noise and the Autobots angrily chase him across the Moon.
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