Season 3 Episode 26

Call of the Primitives

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1986 on ABC Family

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  • A fun episode with some historical information about the Transformers universe.

    "Call of the Primitives" and "The Golden Lagoon" are my favorite Transformers cartoons. This is a really fun episode with a mix of action, Grimlock humor, and insight into the Transformers universe (albeit perhaps incongruous with other revelations). As a child, I devised a plot wherein Tornadron must be recreated in order to fight an overgrown Dweller, an energy-draining creature imprisoned then released by the Quintessons in the bowels of Cybertron. Obviously this story must have left quite an impression to have stirred my creativity and to now recall the episode clearly, 20 years later.

    Note also that this is the only episode featuring the Terrorcons (yes, another cheap marketing trick, but these were pretty cool toys!).
  • Great episode!

    First of all, let me just say the same thing that everyone else says about this episode, and that is that the animation is fantastic. With the exception of The Movie there isn't a single episode that has such amazingly sharp animation as this one. It's like watching a moving piece of art, and although the episode is now twenty years old to me it still puts plenty of today's animated shows to shame.

    Now for the show itself. In a very weak season, this was a pleasure to watch. It was a really great idea to have The Primitives, all of the beast formed (and in many cases dumber) Transformers be the center of the story. The Primitives, although enemies, work quite well together and one would have to imagine that they could be quite a fighting force if they could have stayed together. They also provide some prime comic moments.

    The plot itself isn't the greatest. Unfortunately, it's very representative of the poorly thought out episodes that populated this season, and as usual on this series there are some pretty serious continuity problems. But the quality of the animation and the fantastic interactions between The Primitives more than make up for the shortcomings, and this is an episode you'll enjoy watching again and again.
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