Season 3 Episode 26

Call of the Primitives

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1986 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • Goofs: After Grimlock is summoned, the voice contacting the other Dinobots address them as "Snarl, Sweep, Swoop, and Slag". "Sweep" should have been addressed as Sludge. Then before the Decepticons depart the planet, Galvatron's insignia is colored red. And if all the robot animals were to be summoned, where were Laserbeak and Buzzsaw? Also, toward the end of the episode, Grimlock is able to fly in dino mode.

    • This is the only post-movie episode to feature only background music that was created after the movie and had none from seasons 1 or 2.

    • Although Slugfest and Overkill are summoned and eject from Soundwave, except for this initial scene they are never seen nor mentioned again.

    • Primacron's assistant looks an awful lot like the Autobot Matix of Leadership.

    • Laserbeak and Buzzsaw were not summoned, even though they're both primitives. Maybe Hasbro wanted to put an emphasis on the newer characters than the old ones which is why they were replaced in the script with the sole appearances of Slugfest and Overkill.

    • Swoop's first line was delivered by Jack Angel.

    • Primacron says that he created some of the primitives. No he didn't! Because Wheeljack and Ratchet built the Dinobots in "S.O.S. Dinobots" and "War Of The Dinobots." Trypticon was built by the Constructicons in "Five Faces Of Darkness". The history of cassette technology at the end of this very episode tells us that the Decepticons built the cassettes. And it was the Quintessons who built both the Predacons and the Terrorcons. And anyway, if Primacron really did create some of the primitives, wouldn't they remember it? Then again, perhaps not. Optimus Prime didn't remember the Aerialbots saving him in "War Dawn," and nobody recognized the Quintessons in the movie.

    • During the middle of the show, the predacons talk like the dinobots. But before they combine into predaking they talk normally again.

    • After tornedron attacked the decepticons galvatron cannon was on the wrong arm

    • Windcharger can be seen in the background at one point, but he died in the movie.

  • Quotes

    • Sky Lynx: Primitives, flee!
      Headstrong: Us primitive? Im not stupid!

    • Sky Lynx: As commander, I will propose our battle plan.
      Razorclaw: Only Razorclaw commands Predacons!
      Hun-Grr: You command the Terrorcons? Over my rusting carcass!
      (Steeljaw and Ramhorn growl at Ravage and Ratbat)
      Sky Lynx: Your brutishness is matched only by your stubbornness!

    • Grimlock: Me Grimlock not know where I go.
      Headstrong: That not surprising, Grimlock don't know nothing!
      Snarl: Stupid Decepticon rhino make fun of our leader!
      Sludge: Sludge no like Predacons! Lets stomp!
      Tantrum: Predacons stomp Dinobots first!

    • Headstrong: I detest fleeing, I would rather die fighting!

    • Rodimus Prime: What's with the Dinobots?
      Springer: Id say they're losing their minds, if they had any to lose!

    • Sky Lynx: Now, remember, before you do anything, think: "Is this what Sky Lynx would do, in my position?" and you will not go far wrong.
      Grimlock: Grimlock say Sky Lynx would look there.

    • Grimlock: Me Grimlock am Stealthy Fighter!

  • Notes

    • After Tornedon has drained Cybertron of its energy Primacron bragged that he has already surpassed his predecessor, Unicron. That's a serious overstatement, since even in the Movie we see Unicron devour a planet and two moons, and he'd been around a long time before that.

    • At the beginning of the battle on the moon one of the Sweeps says "Sweeps six and seven coming in for a strike." Exactly how many Sweeps are there? There were never that many before, and all of the Sweeps just disappear in the middle of the battle anyway.

    • This episode is widely considered to be the pinnacle of Transformers animation, if not the best episode of the entire series. Now, it doesn't hold much weight, but at the time, it was considered state-of-the-art.

    • It's interesting that after Tornadron was defeated and the Autobots were reanimated, Rodimus asked what happened and Ultra Magnus's reply was that whatever it was flew harmlessly overhead. No one seems to notice that they have fallen to the ground, which would seem to indicate that it didn't just fly harmlessly overhead.

    • Final appearances of Unicron, Jazz, Ramhorn, Ravage, Trypticon and the Dinobots.

    • First appearances of Overkill & Slugfest.

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