Season 2 Episode 7

Changing Gears

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Oct 01, 1985 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • Goofs: The Decepticons built the solar needle in Africa, yet the Autobots seemed to get there all the way from the western U.S. without so much as flying or utilizing a ship across the ocean.

    • Optimus Prime is missing his Autobot logo (5:14).

    • Although Starscream is shown, his voice is from another character (13:55).

    • Ravage is missing his Decepticon logo (14:31).

    • Jazz and Sunstreaker are clearing a path on top of Optimus Prime. The frame before he jumps is missing Jazz and Sunstreaker (11:04).

    • Jazz is missing his blue tone from his hood (2:40, 9:57, 16:10)

    • One of the few episodes where the Autobots all transform and "roll out" without being ordered to do so. On this occasion, it's bacause they are tryng to sneak away from Gears and his tiresome complaining.

    • No reason was shown why Megatron particularly wanted Gears as a slave.

  • Quotes

    • Starscream: I should have destroyed you when I had the chance, but Megatron can't save you now!
      Gears: Heh heh heh! I really hate to disappoint you Starscream, but you'd better look behind you!
      Starscream: Do you seriously expect me to fall for such a stupid trick?
      (Bumblebee rams Starscream from behind)

    • Optimus Prime: Alert! Alert! Autobots, assemble at once!
      (Several Autobots run to the main area of the Ark, Gears is taking his time)
      Gears: Aah wouldn't you know it? Every time I get sent to lube my cable relays, something happens.
      Ironhide: Action first, Gears. Maintenance later!
      Gears: That's easy for you to say, your pulleys don't squeak!
      (Bumblebee jumps onto Gears's shoulders then somersaults off)
      Bumblebee: Your squeakin's not the problem, it's your squawkin!

    • Starscream: (shoots at Gears) This time I shall show you no mercy!
      Gears: (dodging the blasts) Right! This time the only thing your gonna show me is... (tackles Starscream) your caboose!
      (Gears throws Starscream into Soundwave)

    • Ironhide: What'd you do to Gears, you monster! You turned him... nice!

  • Notes

    • The Solar Needle fiasco its briefly mentioned in the Japanese Sony Playstation 2 video game Transformers: Call of the Future.

  • Allusions

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