Season 3 Episode 8

Dark Awakening

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Oct 01, 1986 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Galvatron with assistance from the Quintessons sets a trap for Rodimus Prime and the other Autobots who are trying to escape Galvatron. Rodimus and his small group (Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Kup, Spike and Daniel) find The Mausoleum of the Autobots and hides in it. Daniel says he saw Optimus Prime in one of the corridors, but nobody believes him. The Decepticons arrive and are about to kill the small group of Autobots, but Optimus Prime appears and shoots Galvatron and his troops, making them run. Rodimus returns the Matrix of Leadership to Optimus, and when he takes it, he shoots the Autobots without kill them (he don´t want to kill them) and escapes in a ship made by him (activating the detonator of the Mausoleum). He arrives to Cybertron and tells that Rodimus and his group were killed by the Quintessons and takes all the Autobots available to hunt the Quintessons, but is a lure to make their space fleet into a trap. Rodimus and his group escapes from the explosion in another ship and go to aboard the ship where Optimus is. Optimus Prime and Rodimus fights fiercely, but when Optimus Prime is about to kill Rodimus he remember what the Quintessons did in him (they reprogrammed him to betray his friends) and recovers his memory and personality. He returns the matrix to Rodimus and orders the other Autobots to return to Cybertron. Later he piloted his flagship into the Quintessons' detonator, triggering the explosion of a nearby sun.