Season 3 Episode 8

Dark Awakening

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Oct 01, 1986 on ABC Family

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  • This kinda felt like the last episode....and maybe it should have been.

    This episode saw the ressurection of Optimus. Well the first time he is ressurected, it seemed like the episode was the writers saying that Optimus will never come back so stop asking and I'll tell you why. This episode was about after running from an attack from the Decepticons the Autobot being forced to make a stop off in a shrine of fallen Autobots. Daniel starts seeing Optimus around and no one believes him until the Decepticons do a suprise attack and they are saved by a very damaged Optimus.

    The Autobots are over joyed with the return of Optimus and Rodimus Prime gives the Matrix back to Optimus. Rodimus changes back to Hotrod but is just happy to have Optimus Prime back because everyone knows that Optimus was a better leader then he'll ever be. However all is not well for Optimus suddenly turns on them, knocking them all out easily. He makes the shrine of fallen Autobots head for a sun trapping the Autobots there and heads to Cybertron because his ressurection was a trap. He was ressurected by the Quintessons to lead all the Autobots to there deaths. Rodrod and the other Autobots escape from the shrine to stop Optimus and it all ends with Optimus comming good again and sacrificing his own life....again.

    Now this episode had ended with Optimus geting shot at but the Quintessons and blown up because he flys into a sun....before he blew up he was in much worse shame then when he was seen returned in the last 2 episodes of the I could see that he could get reconstructed by Dr. Swafford but the blast would have surely distroyed him. It was obvious that Optimus was meant to die perminantly right then and there. Also this episode was have bad a good end to the show because....well it really felt like a finale.
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