Season 3 Episode 8

Dark Awakening

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Oct 01, 1986 on ABC Family

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  • A VERY "Dark" Transformers Ep Indeed

    I have always had mixed feelings about this episode. On one hand, it was exciting getting to see Optimus Prime "alive" after his death in TF:TM but clearly he is not the Optimus that we remember for most of this episode and, sadly, "dies" a second death at the hands of the Quintessons (though this is, of course, reversed by the events of the season finale in which he returns as his old self). Question: Did Prime remember what he did here later? Interestingly, I'm surprised that none of the other characters brought it up either. I always thought it was a bit odd that Rodimus would so quickly and so eagerly return the matrix to Optimus despite the fact that until they saw him at the Mausoleum they believed him to, of course, to be dead (what, no demands for a check up first?)- though I guess that it does make some sense as I don't believe that, based on what we saw of Rodimus during S3, I don't really believe he was willing and/or ready to assume the leadership of the Autobots following the events of TF:TM.
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