Season 2 Episode 4

Dinobot Island (2)

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Sep 26, 1985 on ABC Family

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  • The Dinobots use their brains to save the day!

    The writers pulled our seats with this 1.
    Expecting the Autobots to come to the rescue in Part 2, the writers instead had them going around fixing the various time-tunnels and displaced creatures.
    It wasn't that interesting, until the Autobot headquarters' volcano becomes active again! Cool!

    As usual, Megatron doesn't listen to Starscream whining about the energy-time consqeuences; resulting in the natural tar boiling effects that release the Dinobots.
    Cool seeing them using their jaw blasts to heat the tar off each other.

    Even more impressive was how Grimlock learned to reverse his fortunes by enlisting the aid of the dinosaur stampede that defeated them in Part 1.
    Even impressiver how he communicated with them! Megatron really gets his just desserts when his own dinosaur-soldiers ploy backfires against him.
    Sure, it was a bit much how the dinosaurs weren't effected by the Decepticon laser fire, but they were still large powerful beasts.

    In the end I find it funny how the island being from a pre-historic time was never explained. :D

    Had the Autobots not wasted their time with the time-tunnels B-plot, there woulda bin enough story for 1.5 episodes. In the end I'm glad they chose to expand it to 2, rather than rush it into 1.
    The results were truly great, and really made a classic Transformers 2-parter! :)