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Season 1 Episode 6

Divide and Conquer

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Oct 20, 1984 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Divide and Conquer
The Autobots prevent the Decepticons from harming a power plant, but at a heavy price; Optimus himself. His life is on the line, but Wheeljack knows exactly how to save him before it's too late. Problem is, the required part is back on Cybertron in his old laboratory. Wheeljack and several Autobots leave to save their leader. Unfortunately, fewer Autobots places Earth at greater risk from Megatron, who also intends to make sure Wheeljack's team doesn't succeed.moreless

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  • Prime is seriously injured and some of the Autobots need to get a "cosmotron" from Cybertron to save him.

    Shockwave is a terrible guard for the Space Bridge on Cybertron...the guy can't hit anything. That being said, the rest of this episode is pretty good and one of the better ones of the first season. I especially like it when Laserbeak strafes Optimus' open chest and sets off a chain reaction. Chip Chase helps save the day with his inspirational line, “No one’s ever really disabled as long as he has courage.” OK, it was a little nauseating but I am sure some genuinely disabled people liked it, and the line did fit what was happening to some stricken Autobots on Cybertron. One other thing that I didn't like was that the rest of the Autobots felt totally powerless without Prime; an attitude that we never see later in the series. Still, this was a very good first season episode which further developed the important Chip character and made you wonder, when you were a kid, if Optimus was going to make it.moreless
  • Interesting...

    This episode shows lots scretss like the famous "Laser core" (the earlier concept of the "Spark" of the Transformers), the Wheeljack´s workshop and a lot of weapons used both Autobots and Decepticons. This episode adds little of drama, when Optimus is going to die if the they don´t find a new "Cosmotron". They will die too, if they don´t find a pice to fix Optimus up. This is a good episode to watch the special powers of the various Transformers. Skywarp teleports, Reflector uses his Flash Beam attack, Rumble lets loose his pile-driver arms, Ironhide uses his liquid nitrogen gun for the first time, Bluestreak uses his electro-bolts and Trailbreaker uses his force-field.moreless
  • Optimus Prime is dying, can the Autobots save him in time?

    Let's keep the Transformers episode reviews rolling with "Divide And Conquer".

    It's a beautiful day at the munitions plant, as Chip Chase uses his computer skills to double the weapons output to help the Autobots defeat the Decepticons. Speaking of whom, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Sounwave arrive and wreak havoc on the place.

    Meanwhile, Optimus Prime and Spike have no luck finding the next Space Bridge, but they receive a distress signal from Chip at the munitions plant.

    Prime arrives to fight the Decepticons. One of Skywarp's missiles causes Prime's gun to hit the main computer. It's going to blow! But Optimus quickly shields the blast, but gets injured in the process by all three Decepticon jets! Luckily, the cavalry arrives in Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Ironhide, and Trailbreaker. But they've gotta help Optimus, who was badly damaged from the fight. So the four Autobot cars take Prime back to the Ark.

    Meanwhile, at the Decepticons' underwater HQ, Megatron orders Laserbeak to go and finish off Prime!

    At the Ark, Laserbeak hides on Brawn's shoulder to watch Ratchet and Wheeljack try and repair Optimus Prime. Laserbeak takes advantage by shooting Prime's exposed chest, causing him to explode.

    Optimus' comsotron has been damaged and must be replaced. There's another one at Wheeljack's workshop on Cybertron, but the Decepticons locked the door. Chip decides to have a go at locating the next Space Bridge and succeeds.

    And so, Chip, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Trailbreaker, and Bluestreak head off, encounter Starscream, Rumble, and numerous Reflector clones, before taking the Space Bridge to Cybertron.

    Shockwave is ambushed by Ironhide's team, but Megatron orders some of the Cybertron-bound Decepticon jets to scatter acid rain on the Autobots, who just got into Wheeljack's workshop and got the new cosmotron, but it may be too late for them, and Optimus Prime!

    But all is not lost, Chip, who is mysteriously unharmed by the acid rain, tells the Autobots that "no-one is ever really disabled as long as they have courage!" Trailbreaker fires up his forcefield, allowing Bluestreak to take out the Decepticons. The Autobots are saved, thanks to their automatic repair systems. Now, let's save Prime! Transform, and roll for his life!

    Time for some nitpicking during that particular scene:

    1.Did Trailbreaker forget that he had a forcefield? He sits there, content to die until Chip delivers his rousing speech and *then* tries to use his forcefield. Sure would have been nice if Trailbreaker had just fired it up right away!

    2.So, the Autobots sit there, one second from death, circuits sizzled, and then Trailbreaker blocks the rain and everything's OK? Within 10 seconds (or 135 quadrillion astroseconds) they're instantly all better. I realize Chip says something about their auto-repair systems, but wouldn't those have been fried by the acid rain too?

    Now, back to the story, Megatron decides to attack the Autobot HQ.

    Meanwhile, the Autobots are now worrying, but Spike suggests that they fight the Decepticons to the death instead of waiting to die! Huffer takes over as temporary Autobot leader until Prime is fixed.

    As the fight begins, the Decepticons are cleaning the Autobots' clocks, until Ironhide and his unit show up. Bumblebee and Chip arrive in the medical room with the new cosmotron, just in time to save Prime.

    Megatron thinks he's won, but Optimus Prime is back, and he hands Megatron's butt straight to him! With that, the Decepticons retreat, and the Autobots celebrate, but Spike knows in his heart that the Decepticons will be back...

    "Divide And Conquer was really fun to watch, for the following reasons:

    1.We get to see how the Autobots try to cope with the sticky situation they're in when Optimus is injured.

    2.We get to see Shockwave in action for the first time and the bit where all the Transformers show off their special powers feels like a brawl between super heroes and super villains. It’s especially entertaining, as many of the Transformers stop using their special powers on a regular basis after the first season.

    3.The Decepticon attack on the Autobot base near the end of the episode is great. Finally we see them work as a team and succeed at their task.

    A real great episode, in short.moreless
Scatman Crothers

Scatman Crothers


Victor Caroli

Victor Caroli


Ken Sansom

Ken Sansom


Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem

Cliff Jumper / Telatran-1 / Bluestreak / Dr. Archeville

Christopher Collins

Christopher Collins

Starscream / Wheeljack / Defensor / Reflector / Sparkplug Witwicky

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Spike Witwicky, Brawn, Shockwave, Sunstreaker, Wideload

Ken Sansom

Ken Sansom

voice of Munitions Plant Head

Recurring Role

Michael Horton

Michael Horton

Chip Chase

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • As Optimus Prime defeats Megatron toward the end, he asks him if he yields. When he replies "Yield for now", his lips aren't moving, but Optimus is the one who continues speaking, but with Megatron's voice.

    • Goofs: During the Decepticon raid at the energy plant, Starscream is seen teleporting, even though it's Skywarp who has that ability. Also, when they begin filling the energon cubes, Skywarp teleports in front of Thundercracker, but is colored blue, briefly showing two of the latter before the closeup shot correctly shows Skywarp colored black.

    • The humans defending the factory against the Decepticons are soldiers one second and then become oil riggers. (1:04-1:08)

    • Chip Chase says "No one is ever truly disabled as long as he has courage" to the Autobots during the acid rain storm. There's a lot of irony from that statement, considering someone in a wheelchair is giving the Autobots a pep talk about being disabled.

    • During the fight before the Autobots use the space bridge to get to Cybertron, one of the generic Reflector robots is struck by a blast, flies back into another Reflector bot and the two appear to merge. Perhaps this is a sign that the pieces of Reflector can duplicate themselves, and accounts for how there can be so many Reflector pieces to serve as "goons" for the Decepticon forces?

    • While loading up the spacebridge with energon, Starscream calls Rumble a "clumsy clunker" just before Rumble actually trips.

    • When Rumble says 'Say, Hi to the old gang on Cybertron.' His face is purple.

    • After Megatron gets an idea from the rain, Starscream, who is about to crush Ironhide with a tree, is colored like Thundercracker, but changes back to his red color tone before getting frozen by the Autobot. Then after they board the spacebridge, Starscream, retreating with the other Decepticons, is colored like Thundercracker again.

    • The goo that Ironhide sprayed disappears when Shockwave sets a generic reflector robot free from it.

    • Shouldn't acid rain be far more fatal to Chip than the Autobots.

    • When the Decepticons are attacking the weapons factory Skywarp is coloured as Starscream and Thundercracker in some of the shots.

    • Notice in the scene after a generic Reflector robot jumps out of the liquid nitrogen; Bumblebee, Trailbreaker, Ironhide and Bluestreak enter pass Shockwave to the Space Bridge, Ironhide is black and Trailbreaker is slightly grey.

    • Trailbreaker's lips can be seen moving when Ironhide speaks, even though Trailbreaker's finished speaking.

    • Where did the other two parts of Reflector go when Starscream, Rumble and himself let the Autobots win.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Megatron: We are victorious!
      Megatron: Is there anyone in the universe, who challenge the might Megatron.
      Optimus Prime: There is one Megatron... I, Optimus Prime, challenge you.

  • NOTES (5)