Season 2 Episode 6

Enter the Nightbird

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Sep 30, 1985 on ABC Family

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  • Earth Robot vs Cibertronian Transgormers

    Nightbird steals the show in this episode and is indeed a pretty cool character. It would’ve been great if they’d made her a returning villain or even a regular member of the Decepticon army, as her attacks were quite flashy and she actually got an origin episode (as opposed to 90% of the cast, which are just cardboard cut-outs). But, like Devcon and other characters who appear later-on, she’s a one-shot. The whole episode is pretty much just one big fight with Nightbird, so there isn’t much story to comment on. But watching Nightbird kick the crap out of various Autobots (she smacks the Hell out of Mirage) is worth the price of admission.