Season 2 Episode 6

Enter the Nightbird

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Sep 30, 1985 on ABC Family

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  • Fun episode about an Earthen robot ninja

    This was a fun episode with some cool moments. Funny to see Ratchet and Wheeljack making jokes about the human robot 'running out of batteries' and stuff, although their cracks were justified.

    It was nice to see some individual features like Bluestreak taking a blast from Megatron to protect Prime, and Bombshell getting a large role among Decepticons. It seems Bombshell's cerebro shell combined with Nightbird's original program almost gave her sentience. But she was caught playing 'Roboto-possum!" yet showed no joy, proving she is not sentient.

    It's nice to see Starscream being the hero again in this episode, by protecting himself and foiling Megatron's plan.
    In fact, his null ray was able to neutralize Nightbird without harming her; a promise which the Autobots were finding difficult to accomplish.

    The ending was typical open ended with her showing signs of anger as she was locked away for good.
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