ABC Family (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • The Rebirth (3)
      The Rebirth (3)
      Episode 3
      With Arcee, Daniel and the Plasma Energy Chamber key, Galvatron embarks on a new plan for great power – threatening to destroy Earth and possibly Cybertron. On top of that, the remaining Decepticons and the Hive's Scorponok are coming. Every available Autobot and ally will be needed for the coming fight, but they may be overmatched this time. The real answer lies on Nebulos, where Spike and Cerebros find a Hive city. Said city may provide the most powerful weapon of all.moreless
    • The Rebirth (2)
      The Rebirth (2)
      Episode 2
      The tide appears to be turning, as the Headmasters score a major and a much-needed victory. Unwilling to let this stand, though, Lord Zarak and the Hive get to work using five Decepticons and five of their Nebulons to counter them. The Targetmasters are soon online – ready to strike back and hard. Will they be too much for the Headmasters and company to handle? Also, Autobots and Decepticons back Cybertron-side haven't forgotten their missing teammates and friends. However, while they all struggle searching, Optimus obtains the needed answers and more from Vector Sigma and an old face.moreless
    • The Rebirth (1)
      The Rebirth (1)
      Episode 1
      While much has changed and there has been a peaceful lull lately, the Decepticons are happy to get back to basics. Soon, Autobot City is a mess and the Plasma Energy Chamber key is stolen. The fight moves to Cybertron and in front of the soon activated the Plasma Energy Chamber, no less. An unexpected reaction from it, though, leaves a number of Transformers on both sides (plus Spike and Daniel) on Nebulos. Greater fighting awaits there, as machine-hating Nebulons seek to overthrow the evil Lord Zarak and the Hive. Getting back home is, of course, on hold for the recent arrivals to Nebulos. However, the Hive appears unstoppable and only something truly radical may work against them.moreless
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