Season 3 Episode 15

Fight or Flee

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Oct 15, 1986 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Sandstorm is pursued by Brawl and Razorclaw after dropping down the pit, the Predacon's black portions are colored white.

    • Goofs: At least a couple of shots of Sandstorm show the black portion of his head colored white.

    • Sky Lynx' head is wrongfully colored yellow. It should be colored white (14:30).

    • Cyclonus is missing his Decepticon logo (4:03).

    • A blue/white repaint of Arcee is seen during the episode. She is known as "Paradron Medic". She has two toys in the Legends of Cybertron and Superlink toylines.

    • During the Autobot vs Decepticon battle on the planet Paradron, Ratchet and Ironhide can be seen in the background, but they are supposed to be dead.

    • Soundwave said one line like Shrapnel when reporting to Galvatron.

    • We see Bruticus behind Galvatron. But in the scene where the cannon is being aimed at the Autobot shuttle, Brawl (half of Bruticus' left leg) is helping Headstrong push the cannon into place. So what is Bruticus standing on?

      RESPONSE TO ABOVE GOOF: Many speculate Bruticus has a pirate's peg leg where Brawl should be so that Brawl and Bruticus (only having Swindle as a leg) can co-exist.

  • Quotes

    • Scourge: I think I'm in bad shape!
      Cyclonus: What do you mean? You think you're damaged?
      Scourge: The diagnostics don't work!

    • (Sandstorm has just escaped from prison. Brawl and Razorclaw chase after him)
      Brawl: Shall I destroy him? Or simply immobilize him? (Transforms to tank mode)
      Razorclaw: Neither! I want to tear him apart! (Growls and transforms to lion mode)

    • Bruticus: Not a very...subtle weapon, is it?
      Galvatron: Somehow, I get the feeling subtlety would be lost on the Predacons!

    • Scourge: Have I got the wrong Idea, or are these guys a bunch of wimps?
      Cyclonus: Yes...They appear to be wimps.

    • Ultra Magnus: I've never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy... Alright, give me the bomb.

    • Autobot: Hey, I'm stuck in here.
      Cyclonus: Everbody has to be somewhere.

    • Cyclonus: No one tells ME what to do besides Galvatron!
      Scourge: Same here, nobody tells ME what to do besides Galvatron!!
      Cyclonus: ahem...
      Scourge: Oh! And of course Cyclonus...

    • Galvatron: What do we have here?
      Bruticus: I believe it is an Autobot invasion party.
      Galvatron: I know what it is.
      Bruticus: Didn't you just ask me what we had here?

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