Season 3 Episode 5

Five Faces of Darkness (5)

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Sep 19, 1986 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • Goofs: When Ultra Magnus punches Ramjet, the next shot shows him with Dirge's colors when he spins out of control and crashes. And during the battle, Perceptor is seen with a gray Autobot insignia when in previous episodes, it was red.

    • Goofs: A couple of shots on Io seem to show the moon with an Earth-like atmosphere and desert landscape instead of the usual moon and space background.

    • When Wheelie throws the transform cog to Lynx, a couple of subsequent shots show a night sky instead of day.

    • Bumblebee is briefly seen in the battle on Cybertron after already being seen on Earth during Trypticon's attack on the Ark.

    • When Predaking moves during the battle with Sky Lynx, he makes transformation noises.

    • Mixmaster was drawn backwards in this episode. The red square was on the left side of his chest instead of the right side.

    • After Sky Lynx fired at the Predacons, Rampage was gone and Razorclaw was in his place.

    • When the Predacons separated and fell to the ground, Tantrum's buffalo head turned black for a second. Also, Rampage's tiger head was orange instead of red.

    • When Rampage first appears, the side panels on his head are black, and so are the middle sections of his arms.

    • When Sky Lynx wraps his tail around Predaking's head, Predaking's face is missing!

    • When the Autobots are about to fight Trypticon, Beachcomber is colored like Wildrider!

    • Blaster was able to transform Metroplex to battle station mode without the transforming cog!

    • Ramjet and Dirge were destroyed by Ultra Magnus, but they still appeared in later episodes.

    • When Wheelie, Blur and Sky Lynx land on earth, Wheelie is holding the transforming cog, and it looks like a regular cog or gear. However every other time it's sort of spherical in shape.

    • When Blitzwing goes with Rodimus and the Autobots to the core of Cybertron, he has an Autobot insignia on his chest (although it is coloured Decepticon purple).

    • In the scene where Blurr, Wheelie and Marrissa Faireborn are trying to get the cog to Blaster and Metroplex, the Insecticons are seen with the Constructicons and the Stunticons but we saw the Insecticons get rebuilt into the Sweeps in the movie. Given the events of the movie, these Insecticons are possibly clones. As said in the trivia for part 1, Unicron possibly cloned the Insecticons in the movie with DNA and the Insecticons were never seen again for good after this episode possibly just to make room for the NEW characters for this season.

      The same could apply to Skywarp and Thundercracker who were later killed in the movie along with Shockwave when Unicron transformed to robot mode even AFTER Unicron DNA cloned the two Decepticon jets.

    • At the beginning of this episode, one Sweep was colored like Breakdown, another Sweep was colored like Wildrider, and a Cyclonus-style jet was also colored like Wildrider.

  • Quotes

    • Metroplex: (to Trypticon) This planet's not big enough for the both of us!

    • Sky Lynx: If that is the best the Predacons can do, we have little to fear from...
      (The Predacons unite)
      Marissa: Uh, you don't suffer from overconfidence, or anything?
      Predaking: He does, but he will suffer more, at the hands of Predaking.

    • Pipes: As Optimus Prime used to say, transform and roll out!

    • Perceptor: Meet your fate, valiantly, Autobots!

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