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    I've done this for a lot of forums, and a lot of them turned out to be great. Now this is NOT A FANFIC THREAD but mostly just expressing ideas of what you think a season should be about or what it should do. For example, you could tell your ideas of what they should have done after "The Rebirth" or after R.I.D or any series.

    My idea:

    Transformers Matrix

    Legend has it that somewhere in the galaxy, there lies a Decepticon Matrix. This matrix can only be controlled by a true decepticon leader.

    After a failed assault on Cybertron, the Decepticons start reconsidering Megatron has their leader. To prove it, he wants to find this Matrix. Not only to prove that he's leader, but do gain power (like the matrix does with Octimus). The Autobots realize the Decepticons will be very powerful with these new Matrix and seek out to stop them.

    But, although the matrix gives off large energy readings, it can be misread. The scanners start picking up big amounts of Energon instead of the Matrix. Although this is not bad, this throws all the Transformers off course.

    The whole season is not focused on finding the Matrix (like other seasons all focus om one thing). In between trying to find the Maxtrix, Megatron trys he's evil plans to regain Cybertron from the Autobots.

    Star Scream and Anti Prime (R.I.D's Scourge) find a whole fountain of energon (misread as the Matrix) and power themselves up along with the Combacticons. While the main Transformers our out trying to find the Matrix, the Combacticons, Star Scream, and Anti Prime launch on Earth. While most of the Autobots aid all this damage, the Combacticons, Star Scream, and Anti Prime surprise everyone with a sneak attack on Cybertron. As Star Scream, Anti Prime, and the Combacticons look like they're winning (because they're powerd up with so much energon) Octimus, Megatron, and the rest  of the main Transformers come back from the mission and save Cybertron. Thinking they've killed Star Scream, Anti Prime, and the Combacticons, Megatron throws them into space. As they flought away in space, it looks like they're dead, but none of them have given up life yet. Their spark still spures a little, and as they hold out, they may gain new bodies from a unlikely huge planet (Unicron).

    Most of the transformers have their G1, G2,or R.I.D bodies.

    So how do you like it?

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    Transformers Arnarchy

    Cybertron Megatron is Resurected by Unicron and finds His Old Troops Ransack and Crumplezone they travel through Time Meeting Botcon Shadow Striker,G1 Star Scream,R.I.D Runiation,WW Thundercracker,Alternators Nemises Prime,Cybertron Swindle,G1 Soundwave/Laserbeak/Ravage/Rumble/Frenzy,Beast Wars Waspinator and Robot Masters Hightower(Wrecker Hook) and Invade Cybertron Meanwhile Optimus Deciceds to Use Vector Prime's Sword to call out for Heroes Including G1 Stra Saber

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    Plant Wars

    Starring Botanica as she leads the Flowerbots to fight the evil forces of the Vineicons.

    This is a silly idea I pick up back when Beast Machines were around.

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    lmao id like 2 c that as a random skit sort of tihng
    thaatd b funny
    how dout transformers microbots, there insect like ants and stuff lol
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    Transformers Ressurection

    The main human is a boy named Wesley, a young man who lived with a rich family and a mother and father than seemed to run his life.  One day he witnesses the battle of the Autobots and Decepticons and becomes involved in the war to help protect his world, as Megatron plans to uncover the 10 Stones of the Allspark to revive Unicron.  His parents lead the anti-transformer league, and after they learn their son is working with the Transformers, he abandons them, pursuing his own desires.  There are some dark elements, but same old transformers


    Optimus Prime: Kenworth truck

    Blurr: Ford Escort Cosworth

    Prowl: Nissan 280ZX Police Interceptor

    Ratchet: Nissan C20 Vanette Ambulance

    Silverbolt: Concord airplane

    Scavenger: Bulldozer


    Megatron: Cybertonian warship

    Starscream: F-15 Eagle

    Barricade: SWAT Truck

    Cannonball: Tank

    Blackout: Special Ops Helicopter

    Dead End: Black Cadillac

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    Thought this up years ago before Armada came outand by sheer coincidence these characters have surfaced in recent series.


    13 episodes per season



    Set up:

    Cybertron has taken up orbit around Jupiter, it's fast losing power and the Autobots and Decepticons are now confined within their capitals, they both send groups to gather energon supplies on Earth.

    Initial crews


    Optimus Prime - young leader of the Autobots. Has a vendetta against Soundwave.

    Siren - youth like femme bot who transforms into a police car.

    Kup - a veteran that transforms into a van, which seperates into a robot and a artillary. He's Siren and Optimuses mentor but there to rescue Grimlock before retirement.

    Hound - A 'friend of the Minicons' or masters, small robots, he is partnered up with two Firebolt his gun, and Highjump his jet pack.

    Mirage - A faceless background character mostly on security watch, a expert in spying due to his ability to cloak himself.


    Shockwave - transforms into a tank and is cold and logical like his G1 self, hes given the mission.

    Soundwave - a gestalt composed of Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, laserbeak and Buzzsaw, a expert in communications technology and assasin, killed optimuses predecessor.

    Sixshot - A gladiator given the assignment, has six transformations but refuses to kill outside a arena for reasons of honor.

    Grimlock - The famed Autobot we all know but implanted with a shell program often at odds with Kup.

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    transformers masters wars  it would based on the untold story and dabute about the power masters and headmastres jrs and new warriors like cassete masters and new  autobots and deceptocons twins and spys and combiners and how it leads up to the beast war eara      the characters   powermaster rodimus  hot headed but kind   , leader power master optimus prime  more for saving the earth and humans and careless for fighting  , powermaster springer hot headed like rodimus and  like more action  and last but not leat blur   jerk and some tmes kind and soft heated and hornerble and chases female cars, headmasters jrs  arcee  she has an crush on rodimus, poinblaink  blurs brother and oldest  and wisest of the whole crew and like to takes oders from both optmius and  rodimus  and  bumblebee  the litle kid hes the yougest of  all  the autobots he looks up to rodimus as brother figer and arcee as an sister  figer ,  grand  maximus frotess meximus youger brother  hes hot head too and rodimus friend and also springers
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    now the deceptocons  soundwave he is an duocon  he  can combine from  an jet and  missile luncher carrier now for the  casset masters  they  are still cassettes but still  murge with vehicles for example ravage car transforms into robot mode and his casatte enters the chast   and he has an movable body  ravage will be  a black jagar  jeep  or handa car  , laser beek  will be a  thunder bird car  , buz saw  will be a jet   , frinzie  and rumble will  be racing  formula racing cars       headmasters originals,   no power master the casstet masters will have  feud  with autobot power masters  spys  ouctane,  scouge, shadow, and black out, combiners  some originals   like   devastater , menasore, and predaking and newbie  the seacons twins wingspan and pounce
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    aotobot  spys  mirage, ironhide, jazz, ,iand inferno , combiners  railbots, airialbots, and protectobots, twins  fastlane , and cloud braker   number episodes  42
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    Ooh, new idea!

    Transformers: Battle for Primus

    Transformers come to Earth to find the keys of Primus, which will activate the great and powerful Primus.  Megatron wants to do this to control Primus, but the Autobots come to stop him.


    Optimus Prime (Kenworth Truck)

    Closer to his G1 Incarnation than most past Optimus.

    Hot Rod (Ford Fairlane 500) As Rodimus Prime (Dump Truck)

    The rookie transformer, he is only Rodimus for the last episode of season 1 and the first 3 for season 2, afterwards Optimus reclaims the mantle.

    Ratchet (Ambulance)

    He's the group doctor, scientist and he has a major temper with everyone except Optimus.

    Prowl (Lambourghini Diabolo Police Car)

    He is the most heroic of the group and is appointed second-in-command.

    Blurr (Ford Ecort Cosworth)

    Closer to his Armada incarnation, Blurr is an honor-bound warrior with no nonsense and the urge to be the fastest.  He also has a competitive side, as his catchphrase is "I never say no to a challenge".


    Megatron (Cybertronian Shuttle)

    Close to his G1 and Armada incarnations, Megatron plans to rule the Universe.

    Starscream (F-15S Strike Eagle)

    The first season has him close to his G1 incarnation, however second season has him closer to his Armada incarnation, in which he leaves the Decpticons and joins the Autobots out of his new respect for Optimus.  He also dies saving humans from Megatron and is left creamated by the Autobots by his request.  He changes his decpticon logo to Autobot logo three episodes before his death.

    Shockwave (Cybertronian Tank)

    Shockwave is the most intelligent of the Decpticons.  It is later revealed he plans to use the power of Primus to revive Unicron, who cliams to reward him "Ultimate knowledge".

    Onslaught (Missile Truck)

    He is the greatest combat Specialist of the Decepticons.  He is also Megatron's second-in-command.

    Thrust (Cybertronian Motorcycle)

    Closer to his Beast Machines incarnation.  He is less villainous than the other Decepticons, often being more cool and level headed than his leader.  He is also the fastest decepticon alive.  His main rival is Blurr.

    Transformers that join after the first episode


    Hot Shot (Sports Car)

    Cybertron's greatest sharpshooter and Hot Rod's older brother.

    Firestar (Cessna 177)

    The first female transformer.  She is the item of affection for both Ratchet and the Decepticon Starscream.  Eventually, Starscream soon revealed his love for her and the feeling was mutual, despite them being on different sides.  In fact, she was one of the reason he joined the Autobots.  She stood next to him during his final appearance, where he dies a hero.

    Jetfire (Shuttle)

    Firestar's older brother, who wasn't very found of her relationship with Starscream, but by his death, he later ended his grudge showed respect and trust for the former Decepticon.  He is on good terms with Blurr, due to they both share a sense of honour, the difference being Jetfire is more heroic and immature than Blurr.

    Starscream (F-15S Strike Eagle)

    Same one as above.

    Scattershot (Plane/ Tank)

    The first Triplechanger autobot.  Scattershot has a deep grudge with the decpticon Dreadwing.  He is less obedient to Optimus.

    Thunderblast (Submarine)

    She originally appears as a Decepticon, who was the affection of Shockwave, Onslaught and later the autobot, Jetfire. She instantly develops a cruesh on Jetfire, who she referred to as an "Autobout hunk".  The feeling between her and Jetfire became mutual and she joined the Autobots.  She is very optimistic and quirky, which makes everyone wonder how she became a Decepticon in the first place.


    Thunderblast (Submarine)

    Same one as above.

    Brawl (Tank)

    This Decepticon believes himself to be afull fledged soldier who is completely loyal to Megatron.  He views himself as a one Decepticon army and views Megatron to be his general.  He thinks he's in the army.

    Bonecrusher (Bulldozer)

    Bonecrusher is the most hot-headed and destructive Decepticon of all, often getting things wrong and gettineg Megatron furious.

    Dreadwing (Stealth Jet/ Battle Truck)

    Dreadwing is the most sadistic of the Decepticons.  He loves to cause destruction.  Megatron has to at times threaten to detonante him to get his loyalty.

    Overbite (Shary-like Wave Runner)

    Arguably the most underhanded of the Decpticons, as he is a bounty hunter who mostly does work for money.

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    Transformers Armada:Return Of Unicron The Transformers(Autobots And Desepticons) Start Fighting Agian But When They Fing Out About Unicron Returning They Team Up To Defeat Him.And The Allspark Is One Of The Most Powerfullest Fings So If They Get In Thell Be Able To Win.Also This Series Has More Than 2 Seasons!And They Make Them Selves The Autobots. Autobots: Octimus Prime

    New Hot Shot Red Alert Blurr Smokescreen Scavenger Scattershot Jetfire Megatron Starscream Demolisher Cyclonus Tidal Wave Unicron's Team: Unicron Sideways Thundercracker Thrust Pooptie Chino OverMode Apocalymon Malo Myotismon Myotismon Piedmon The Dark Masters! And Thats Game!

    Edited on 06/16/2007 10:56am
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    My Idea: Transformers Rebound of War

    Megatron has gone missing, and as Starscream plans to regain Cybertron the Autobots are spread out across the galaxy seeking to destroy the remaining Decepticons from the war that ended only a few months before. Autobot scouts finally find a small army fleeing towards Cybertron, the Autobots soon figure out Starscream's huge plan and try to beat them to Cybertron. The Autobots and Decepticons start a full scale assualt to defeat eachother and see who would reclaim Cybertron. The Decepticons are pressed away from Cybertron and into deep space after a long tiresome battle, but that isn't neccessarily a good thing. Soon a group of Decepticons locate the Autobot's hidden headquarters! A small Battalion of warriors mobilize for yet another battle, and the remainig Autobots from the last fight are badly worn out! The Autobot council finally agrees to make a desperate attempt to keep Cybertron in Autobot hands. They eventually find the army heading towards the planet Cybertron, Starscream beginning as their leader. After an extremely long assault Megatron himself arrives from deep space! The Autobots are astonished by the terrible sight, and pull out of the battle.

    Optimus Prime is the only thing that can stop the Decepticon forces now. As the two would battle for the last time the other Autobot and Decepticon forces would battle eachother. After a legendary fight on Cybertron, Optimus Prime is loosing badly and the thing that finally destroys Megatron is the legendary Autobot Sense of Hope. Then finally the remaining Decepticons are competely exiled from Cybertron.

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    My idea: Transformers: Genesis

    Millions of years ago, a war between the Autobots and Decepticons has raged. Planet Cybertron, due to war, was consumed by death and pain. Then, the AllSpark fell out across the stars. With Megatron locked up in prison, four spikes designed to release him, were scattered across the universe. Believing to see life crumbling on the planet, many Autobots left Cybertron to Earth. It's because they were able to pinpoint the location of the AllSpark. Now, Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Cheetor, Skyfire, Cliffjumper, and Hot Shot were the last Autobots on Cybertron. When they discover that both the AllSpark and the spikes are on Earth, Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Cheetor, and Skyfire head to that planet. Cliffjumper and Hot Shot stay put to guard the prison that holds Megatron. While on the way, imprisoned Megatron enlists Starscream, Soundwave, Laserbeak, and Shockblast to stop them. Then, the entire ship crashlands to Earth. In present day, with help from Brooklyn kids Kevin, DJ, and Candice, the Autobots journey to find the four spikes as well as the AllSpark to protect them from evil Decepticon forces!


    Optimus Prime/Semi-Truck

    ---leader of the Autobot team


    ---the Autobots' scientist and medic


    ---young and arrogant but fast Autobot comrade


    ---young, fast, and skilled swordsman

    Skyfire/Cargo Jet

    ---weapon specialist and "the big guy"

    Cliffjumper/Dune Buggy

    ---desert strategist and Cybertronian prison guard

    Hot Shot/Sportscar

    ---Cliffjumper's prison guard partner; young, lazy, immature, and has a need for speed


    Megatron/Alien Tank and Alien Jet

    ---leader of the Decepticons, deadliest of all the Transformers, and believes that ALL humans are beneath him


    ---second-in-command of the Decepticons and plots to replace Megatron as "the new leader"

    Soundwave/SUV and Sound System

    ---Megatron's right-hand man and controller

    Laserbeak/CD and Condor

    ---Soundwave's spy, as well as his eyes and ears

    Buzz Saw/Helicopter

    ---large, impulsive, and aggresive Decepticon

    Barricade/Police Car

    ---a silent and deadly assassin skilled at ninjitsu


    ---a big and strong but slow-witted Decepticon


    ---a Decepticon warrior and a sky strategist


    ---tracker of the Decepticons; carries an AllSpark shard to create more Decepticons

    Frenzy/Space Probe

    ---smallest Decepticon; assigned as a foot soldier, he can clone himself


    Teletram 1

    ---Autobots' supercomputer


    ---10-year-old everday boy who first discovered the Autobots


    ---Kevin's best friend who helps him keep his cool


    ---Kevin's best friend and a "girly girl"


    ---Kevin's 8-year-old love interest; also more like a "daddy's girl" and a spoiled, rich girl


    ---from Brazil, he's a new kid in town; Kevin helps him get around life in his New York hometown


    ---local school bully

    Officer Frank Menville

    ---police chief of Brooklyn

    Dr. Shaggles

    ---crazy mad scientist bent on destroying the Autobots as well

    Mayor Dick

    ---the town's proud mayor

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    Transformers Terraformer

    Optimus (cybertron one} finds pout from his pal scattorshot that coby is his son the opne to lead the combined forces of the maximals autobots and ex decepticons and waspinator to victory over the decepticons and predacons

    every single generation team appears except for the newest series and beast machines

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