Season 1 Episode 14

Heavy Metal War

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Dec 15, 1984 on ABC Family

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  • As the title suggests, this episode is almost all fighting. Introduces the Constructicons and their Devastator transformation, but overall a pretty weak episode.

    Megatron challenges Prime to a duel to end the conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons under Cybertronian law. Of course, Megatron cheats and an all-out brawl ensues. Lots of great fighting makes this a good episode, but it was very short on plot. We are also introduced to the Constructicons and Devastator for the first time, but they are defeated pretty easily. A pretty entertaining episode with some emptiness to it. If you want to show someone why Transformers was so great, this is not the episode to show. The scene were Soundwave ejects all of his minions and starts petting Ravage like a cat was cute.
  • The Constructicons first appereance.

    This episode explain that the Constructicons where built in caves, though this contradicts their origins as seen in "The Secret of Omega Supreme" and "Five Faces of Darkness" part 4. The only thing I can say about that is the Constructicons builds Megatron up in "The five faces of Darkness", later being reprogrammed by Megatron in "The Secret of Omega Supreme" and reconstructed again in the Earth by Megatron. In this epsisode Megatron use diferent weaponry during the fight against Optimus, these weapons are the weapons of all the Decepticons, but only one calls me attention: his back cannon. This is the first episode (and maybe the last) that he uses it. At the end and without of heis troops powers, he shows that he can´t do nothing against a fight with Optimus Prime.
  • One of my favorites

    The Constructicons would go on to frustrate all Transformers fans with their numerous and contradictory origins. However, they were a great bunch of characters and this is the episode that introduced them all. While the battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron was great, it was the fight between the Dinobots and the Constructicons that really sold the episode for me. I loved the Dinobots, but your average, run-of-the-mill Decepticon just never stood much of a chance against them. It was pretty interesting seeing them in a fight in which they were overmatched and could have eventually led to their destruction. I've always questioned the ways Devastator was eventually defeated, not only in this episode but in most episodes including the Constructicons. It seemed like he could take everything the Autobots shot at him and just laugh it off, then they'd do something to trick him and suddenly he became vulnerable to their fire. It never made sense to me.

    At this point there were no combiners in the Transformers universe, although I had been familiar with Voltron and I still remember seeing the similarly colored team of Constructicons and thinking about how great it would be if they could combine, but I decided not to get my hopes up. I nearly fell out of my seat when they formed Devastator. To me one of the biggest sins of the entire Transformers series is that they never had Devastator fight another combiner. Okay, he did fight Bruticus, and lose, but you would think that when Superion and Defensor and eventually Computron were around that there would be some type of confrontation. It really was a wasted opportunity that they repeated with Predaking, who also never fought another combiner. The other biggest sin is that the Autobots didn't learn from this and decide to retro-fit the Dinobots into a combiner mode. That in all of the different Transformers there has never been a Dinobot combiner still boggles my mind.
  • Even the best episode of Transformers Season 1 has much that should been better.

    Constructicons, one of the most interesting groups of Transformers are introduced. It seems like the dinobots didn't really lost the fight, even if they seemed to be in trouble. This is the episode that contains the gladiator-fight between Optimus and Megatron. It is okay. Best scene here is Scrapper´s presentation of the constructicons in front of Megatron. Best Season 1 episode, but has still weaknesses.