Season 1 Episode 1

More Than Meets the Eye (1)

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Sep 17, 1984 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • The Transformers pilot is the only time when Autobots can all be seen to be flying as could the Decepticons. In Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2" Galvatron stated that Autobots could not fly.

      Edit: There was an episode where the Dinobots fly to Dinobot Island.

    • If Shockwave, various other Decepticons (including - Three unnamed seekers, one later named Sunstorm, the other two unknown - Ep: Divide and Conquer) and the Autobots (Female Autobots: Chromia, Firestar, Moonracer, Elita-One. Male Autobots: Alpha Trion) were all on Cybertron four Million years after attempts were made to obtain a fresh supply of Energon - Otherwise "no-one is going to win this war" - Optimus Prime, then how did the Autobots and Decepticons On Cybertron still function for so long without a power source? If they had enough Energon to keep going long enough to establish contact on Earth then what was the point in the desperate mission to find fuel if they had four million years to find other options? Personally, I prefer the comic book explanation where a meteor storm threatened Cybertron, forcing the Ark to be launched. It certainly seems more plausable in retrospect.

    • How come none of the Autobots on Cybertron have noticed that lamp post (Soundwave) is one moment there and one moment is missing?

    • When the Decepticons board the Autobot ship And Optimus said "Autobots, prepare for battle!" The same scene happens but you hear Megatron's voice saying "Attack, Attack!"

    • Bumblebee is standing next to Hound when Optimus discusses the situation. When Hound says, "Just, turn me loose Prime, I'll sniff em out!" Cliffjumper is standing next to Hound.

    • When Bumblebee gets out of Wheeljack, he shoots to the right. Why is he shooting that way? The Decepticons are in front of him.

    • Starscream says, "Autobots! Stop them!" in a different voice.

    • Before, Skywarp shoots some kind of flame ring at Bumblebee and Wheeljack, Starscream (standing behind Skywarp and Thundercracker) is yellow.

    • At one point, you can see two Soundwaves' fighting the autobots in the Ark.

    • Not every Autobot that appears on Earth is seen on the shuttle e.g Brawn, Huffer or Windcharger.

    • When Jazz organizes a battle unit, he calls the following names: "Prowl, Trailbreaker, Wheeljack, Ironhide, Mirage, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe." 1)Cliffjumpers name isn't mentioned when he's seen transforming next to Prowl, 2)Ratchet's name isn't mentioned but is seen next to Sunstreaker 3) More Autobots appear when they arrive at the oil rig e.g Huffer, Bluestreak, Brawn.

      This is the only time that Jazz displays authority over the autobots ahead of Ironhide. In the episodes after the pilot, Ironhide is effective second-in-command. Also, in the comics, Prowl is supposed to be second in command.

    • The Autobots are driving to find the Decepticons at first, but then they are flying. Plus, how do the Autobots know where the Decepticons are? Did they have a massive search until they found them at the oil rig?

  • Quotes

    • Skywarp: Megatron, my leader! We are alive, again.

    • Narrator: Many millions of years ago on the planet Cybertron life existed but not life as we know it today. Intelligent robots that could think and feel inhabited the city's. They were called Autobots and Decepticons. But the brutal Decepticons were driven by a single goal: total domination. They set out to destroy the peace loving Autobots and a war between the forces of good and evil raged across Cybertron. Devastating all in its path draining the planets once rich sources of energy. The Autobots on the verge of extinction battled valiantly to survive.

    • Cliffjumper: I'm sorry, Hound. It's my fault. I shouldn't have fired on Megatron.
      Hound: (laughing in pain) You shouldn't have missed you mean.

    • (Under Decepticon fire)
      Bumblebee: Prime told me there'd be days like this.
      Wheeljack: And you didn't believe him?

  • Notes

    • The name of Ravage is changed in the sud-American audio by "Destructor".

    • In their vehicle mode, in Cybertron, the Transformers are futuristic vehicles and in the Earth are normal vehicles, but they have always the same body in robot mode. This is probably that Telatraan-1 use it to find the better vehicles in their vehicle mode without changing the constitution of their robot mode ( in example: Optimus Prime in an 18 wheeler, Starscream in an F-15, Ironhide in a van,etc).

    • Japanese Title: The Road to Earth

    • Shockwave is one of the most underutilized Decepticons in the entire series. In the comics (and the toy line), Shockwave is a cold, calculating war machine, who's destructive capability is limited only by his logical, emotionless thinking. His ambition is to be the Decepticon leader, only because logic dictates that his dispassionate, logical approach would be better suited to lead the Decepticons than Megatron.

      With Transformers only being a half hour show (and it was mostly to show the toys' transforming capabilities), there wasn't much room for character development, and one would think that the level of in-rank treachery had been filled already by Starscream, leaving Shockwave as nothing more than a minor character than a destructive equal of Megatron.

    • Also the first appearance of Spike Witwicky and his father Sparkplug.

    • In the scene where the Autobots arrive to recover Hound, an Autobot similar to Grapple makes his only appearance in the first season. He never speaks and stays in vehicle mode. His vehicular mode is slightly different to Grapple's and Cliffjumper refers to him as "Hauler".

      Since "Hauler" doesn't speak, transform, nor does he have an Autobot symbol anywhere visible, it's entirely possible that "Hauler" may be just a non-sentient, maintenance drone or tool, just like Soundwave's Autoscout cassette (which is a non-sentient drone for dangerous jobs) which was used in the episode A Prime Problem. This is probably why we never see Hauler again, especially during the big battle in part 3 where all the Autobots are attacking the Decepticon launch site.

    • First appearance of Bluestreak, Brawn, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Gears, Hound, Huffer, Ironhide, Jazz, Laserbeak, Megatron, Mirage, Optimus Prime, Prowl, Ratchet, Ravage, Reflector, Rumble, Shockwave, Sideswipe, Skywarp, Soundwave, Starscream, Sunstreaker, Thundercracker, Trailbreaker, Wheeljack and Windcharger.

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