Season 1 Episode 3

More Than Meets the Eye (3)

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Sep 19, 1984 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • When the Decepticon rocket takes off, Mirage can be seen on the ground, but moments later, he is shown to have stowed away on board. (Yes, because the one on the ground was a Mirage (Illusion, Hologram, Whatever you want to call it)

    • Megatron learns the location of the real rocket base and Ravage is taken prisoner by the Autobots in "More than Meets the Eye Part II". Ravage talks for the first and only time from within Soundwave's chest in this episode. He talked quite frequently in the Marvel comic and on rare occasions in the Japanese dub. Optimus uses the laser cannon mounted within his trailer for the first time. He rarely ever uses it again for the rest of the series. This episode also marks the last time Spike is shown to keep a journal. A good thing, too, as the whole journal-device reminded me too much of Nickelodeon's Doug.

    • How did Soundwave manage to report to Megatron about energy recources, if Ravage (who was captured) was collecting the data?

    • While Hound is fighting Rumble there is a strange thing in the air like dust or water wave, maybe because that sequence was supposed to be in the previous episode while Hound was fighting Rumble under water.

    • If Hound and Mirage were in on the plan to let Ravage escape, why should they be confused at Optimus's glad reaction that he did.

    • The gun disappears then appears again on Ironhide's back when Ironhide and Bluestreak are flying towards the Decepticons.

    • Optimus needed to borrow Sideswipe's rocket pack in order to catch up with the Decepticon ship. Didn't the Autobots fly without rocket packs in the first two parts of this trilogy. This could only suggest that even if the Autobots could fly they wouldn't be fast enough to catch up with the Decepticons.

    • Hound says "Ravage, he escaped!" in Mirage's voice.

    • Mirage says "Where?" without moving his lips at one point.

    • When Ravage plays back the recording of Hound and Mirage discussing the false location of the rocket site, shouldn't be as Hound's and Mirage's exact words, it sounds as if Ravage could talk.

    • After the Decepticons blast their way out of the Ruby Crystal mine Soundwave has an Autobot Insignia on his chest.

    • Optimus's faceplate moves when Jazz says 'Autobots transform.'

    • When the Autobots come to a moment of truth, the autobots are seen in line in one order, but during another shot of the autobots in line they are in a different order, plus you can see Jazz in the line when he's standing next to Optimus Prime. This is very hard to spot but you'll eventually see what I mean.

    • When Ironhide steps foward, he has a few black dots on his windshield.

    • When Ironhide says to go after the Decepticons in the previous episode, Optimus clearly states that the Decepticons can fly faster.

  • Quotes

    • Hound: I owe you one from Sherman Dam, Rumble!
      Rumble: You couldn't swim; What makes you think you can fight?
      Hound: Watch me!

    • Megatron: Extinction to all traitors!

    • Optimus Prime: Save the war stories, hot shot! Just remember, there is a thin line between being a hero and being a memory.

    • (After being blasted in the tail by Ironhide)
      Skywarp: Skywarp to Megatron! Permission to teleport.
      Megatron: Permission granted. Teleport and destroy!

  • Notes

    • First time Ratchet is referred to by name.

    • At the end, the goverments of the world help Optimus Prime to return to Cybertron, this is possibly the reason why new Autobots appears in the series and anothers disappears constantly.

    • In this episode, Optimus Prime uses his Combat Dek, the battle transformation of his trailer, armed with assorted artillery and beam weapons. It can be used as a radio station, a launcher of Roller and even transport other Transformers.

    • First time Bluestreak is heard to speak.

    • Japanese Title: Escape from Earth!

    • The only character not referred to by name in the pilot trilogy is Windcharger, who, unlike all the other characters, doesn't get anything to do to showcase him for the audience.

  • Allusions

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