Season 3 Episode 23

Only Human

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Nov 13, 1986 on ABC Family



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    • Goofs: The Autobots in human form are seen in their colored clothing before Perceptor activates the reversal process to restore them to robot form. But once it begins, one shot shows them in the white clothing they were first seen in upon waking in their human bodies.

    • Rodimus Prime's vehicle mode appears as Hot Rod in a couple of shots.

    • While rescuing Ultra Magnus (in human form), Springer recovers his robot body.

      After Rodimus attacks Drath and looks at the screen showing the Autobots' stolen bodies going to destroy Autobot city, Springer's car mode is clearly visible between Ultra Magnus' truck mode and Rodimus' campervan mode. This should have been Arcee's car mode and not Springer's, as he was no longer there.

    • The clothes the "human" Autobots find in the junkyard have the same colors as their respective robot forms.

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    • Synthoids were previously developed by COBRA in the G.I. Joe series, in the two-part story, "The Synthoid Conspiracy."

    • Snake is, of course, clearly supposed to be an aged version of G.I. Joe's Cobra Commander, though he's never referred by that name in this episode. He has Cobra Commander's voice (Chris Latta), wears his silver mask, and traces of his blue uniform are visible underneath his coat. Fascinatingly, he also appears to be wearing Serpentor's gauntlets (though his are black, while Serpentor's are dark green). And, of course, in the episode's final scene, Snake starts to scream "COBRA!" before breaking into a coughing fit.

    • This the third G.I. Joe/Transformer crossover.

    • This is the third and final of three episodes which does not feature the Decepticons.

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