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  • A classic dose of nostalgia.

    I've been an avid fan of Transformers for a long time- I first decided I liked it a couple years ago when I was bored at 3 AM in the morning and watched Transformers Animated. From there I grew to like other TF series and eventually was drawn to the series that started it all.
    To me, this series is a great nostalgic blast from the past. The character designs, the settings, the storyline, all of it is really great, meshing together wonderfully and the show overall never fails to make me smile.
    In every episode I've watched, I've laughed at least once, was on the edge of my seat in anticipation more than once, and was hungry for more even by the end of the episode.
    The characters all get fair amounts of attention unlike some series which star certain characters and leave other ones behind, creating the basic "No-Faced" background character. Not to mention they all have some fantastic moments of interaction- a key feature that is very important to me as the viewer. Overall, a great series that simply can NOT be passed up by ANY Transformers fan